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I sometimes lose because the people without weapon packs always get weapons like the death from above, triple x sidewinder and i get a motar rainbow and those weapons that easily take 30. Also i think it is unfair that they usually go first and they always get the advantage. I know some people who supported the game get this. I know the people who dont have weapon packs will disagree because they have stronger weapon and don't need skill So those people with weapon packs should get like one more weapon than normal for every weapon pack they own.
I don't agree and just so you know,the turns are random.You say you don't like The X Rainbow while some people would piss off their dad to get atleast 20 credits in their account...Please just stop because you are only going to make things worst.
yes ww stop with that you have weapon packs to support the game
this is not a pay to win game. (not entirely). Skill has ALOT to do with it. The reason that DFA, whirligig, sidewinder and others are a free unlockable is to keep this game at least a bit fair for those who do not spend money.
true, but it's still nice to support the game by buying stuff. Smiley_Smile
Um...dude, mortar can easily deal 46 demage and i nver saw it deal 30 demages...(only me ? Lol)
The point is, that if you are good player, you can wn that game eitherSmiley_Wink
So you are saying if i have 2 motors and weapons that take 30 damage that i can beat someone with 3 death from above and triple x
As people have said, this is a game of skill. The weapon load-outs, spawns, and turn cycles are all randomly generated. I've played matches and lost with all unlockable or mostly pack weapons. On the other hand, I've also won matches with all unlockable or mostly pack weapons. If you look at the damage that each weapon can do (maximum), there are very few that do more than 45-46 damage. You mention 3 death from above, that can be matched with 3 mortars, the grenade launcher or even a couple whirligigs. You say triple x, I say the rain-bow or any of the "cluster" weapons. With the exception of the rain-bow, every weapon that I mentioned can be unlocked in the game through leveling up and all of the weapons (including the pack weapons) require a certain amount of skill to get the most damage.
I know how to use weapons its my load out that causes me to lose. like i have 3 triple knifes and they have 2 wirlgigs and that triple knife is my strongest weapon how am i so pose to win
That's where you consider the terrain. Sometimes that ends up being a better weapon than causing the most damage. There've been times where matches have been won or lost because someone couldn't hit the other team from where they were on the map. This is a game of strategy, as has been previously mentioned, not a game of brute force.
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