Full Version: Dragon Ball Z eggs! (Updated!)
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ok so i saw this trunks avatar and i like it so how do i make it smaller ????
The Trunks egg looks great, DragonBolt. Can't wait to see what you do next
Updated! FINALLY! Wow, that sure took forever, huh?
awsome dragon bolt well pokemon will really become happy after being ss4 lol well nice job pretty war eggs
nice job. I like the ss4 one. lol.
Goku looks great; my favourite so far! It was worth the wait; keep them coming
Nice work done!!!
Although i little bit feel bad cause it's copied...
can anyone make the trunks one avatar size i want to use it
wesome shells! <3
Lol, those are some nice shells, but is it me or are many old threads coming to the top of the list?
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