The following updates refer to Bad Eggs Online 1. For updates to BEO2, please consult the updates forum thread here.

26.03.13 version

- Happy Easter
- Credits Giveaway: Easter is the most important date in the Egg calendar so we’re doing a credits giveaway for you all. Tune in and win a game on Easter Sunday to get yours. 25 credits awarded once on 31 March 2013, between hours of 00:01 and 23:59 GMT (UK) time. Credits added automatically after winning one game.
- Design Competition: Part 4. As before, get your creative juices flowing and send us your awesome egg ideas for the chance to have your egg featured in the game and to win a grand credits prize.
- New Eggs in the Shop: Chick, Shelly (Snail), Egg Turpin

16.12.12 version

- Merry Christmas!
- New Weapons Pack: It’s Christmas. Woop Woop! And have we got something special for you all. You heard it hear first, we’ve launched Weapon Pack 8 and it’s packed full of Christmas specialities. Snowballs, Ballistic Baubles, Christmas Pudding Bomb, Santa’s Present Strike and last but not least, The Missiletoe.
- New Game Mode: Speed Games. 10 second turns. Think fast or miss out. Simples.
- Additionally we will be giving you gifts this Christmas from Eggy Clause. These will be in the form of free credits. Tune in and win a game on Christmas Day to get yours. 25 credits awarded once on 25 December 2012, between hours of 00:01 and 23:59 GMT (UK) time. Credits added automatically after winning one game

24.11.12 version

- New Eggs in shop: That’s right, Gangnam style is so infectious, it’s crossed the borders into Eggland. We’ve also added a couple of new girl eggs for players who felt left out by the lack of feminine eggs

19.10.12 version

- Halloween is two weeks away and it’s no secret round these parts that Eggs celebrate Halloween with as much ghoulish enjoyment as all those pumpkins. So we’ll be giving away a few credits again for the BEO faithful.
- Tune in and win a game on Halloween to get yours. 25 credits awarded once on Halloween, 31 October 2012, between hours of 00:01 and 23:59 GMT (UK) time. Credits added automatically after winning one game.
- We’ve also added three new awesome Halloween themed eggs to the shop. These include Ghost, Were-egg and Gregg, a friendly Grim Reaper in desperate need of a holiday.
- There’s a new Halloween map to play as well.
- Oh and for good measure, we’ve spruced up the place with some Halloween themed decorations, just for fun. As always, play nice and play fair

20.09.12 version

- Three more runners up eggs have been added to the game. Underworlder (by LegitWolf22). Cheeky Monkey (by Bolskreyk/ummm). SuperEggs (by lionvalancia)
- Also, as some of you have noticed Bad Eggs Online celebrates it’s first birthday this month. Thanks to all our players. Let’s have a party, but on the QT, and very hush hush. Only those in the know are invited… so keep your eyes peeled.

28.08.12 version

- We had so many awesome designs in the competition we are making a featuring a few more from the runners up in the game, now available in the shop: Wolf Eff (by Grim-Cat). Karate Egg (by AnnaC). Lion Egg (by Troll2)

14.08.12 version

- Judging on the 3rd installment in our design competition series has now finished and we are delighted to announce the winners, whose eggs are now available in the shop: 1st: Genie Egg (by destroyer2727). 2nd: Eggubis (by pimpedoutplaya). 3rd: Gorillegg (by dannejoker02)
- Full details of all the winners and runners up can be found in our forum here.

27.07.12 version

- In the spirit of the Olympics, BEO has launched part 3 of its incredibly successful design competition. Full details including rules and how to enter can be found in our forum here.
- This time round there are limited edition medal badges to be won. Gold for coming in the top 3, Silver for our runners up and Bronze for taking part.

20.07.12 version

- Three new Eggs added to the shop. Someone issued the call of Cthulhu and the beast himself has now awakened. Cthulhu is now available along with Bumble (Bee) and Sir Eggivere (Knight).

06.07.12 version

- Three new animal eggs introduced in the shop. Wally the Walrus, Eggy the Eagle and Claws, a fez wearing lobster.

15.06.12 version

- The Elemental Eggs have arrived. Rare beasts forged from the elements fire, water and earth. Once considered Gods, they were all but forgotten. They have returned to destroy all those who refuse to bow before them!
- These 3 new eggs each come with their own weapon. Inferno (Fire) – a close range explosion that destroys anyone in your immediate vicinity. Frost Bow (Ice) – deals frost damage and anyone caught it in it’s path is frozen for two turns and cannot move. Meteor Strike (Earth) – Summon an almighty arm”egg”eddon and rain down the earth on your poor unsuspecting foes.
- Credits Giveaway: To celebrate Independence Day in the USA, we will be doing another generous credits giveaway for the Fourth of July. 25 credits will be awarded once on Wednesday 4th July 2012 between hours of 00:01 and 23:59 GMT (UK) time. Credits added automatically after winning one game.

23.05.12 version 1.5.8

- Big update for all you Bad Eggers. Enjoy!!
- WEAPON PACK 7 Released: (1) Triple Bouncer – As it sounds this fires 3 bouncing bombs that ricochet around the map (2) Poison Cloud – Fires a Poison loaded canister which explodes on impact for primary damage. Anyone caught in the poison cloud is affected and is dealt a further 5 damage per turn for 4 turns. (3) Homing Cluster Bomb – A cluster grenade that tracks onto the nearest target. (4) The Egg Timer of Doom – The Reaper cometh. Launching the egg timer starts a countdown clock with a random time. Play continues as normal but the player whose turn it is when the countdown finishes will face the Reaper’s judgement and 50 damage. Every turn becomes a dice with death and it could back fire in your face. (5) The Eggquilibrium – Reapportions all health in the game back to a level playing field.
- NEW GAME MODE: Weapon Roulette. In this game mode players are randomly assigned a weapon from their inventory which they must use (or a skill). Pro users only.
- NEW MAP OPTION: Random symmetrical maps. Pro users only.
- NEW MAP: Eggy Hell
- All the old maps and terrains have had a good old make over. I think you’ll all agree they are a much needed improvement.
- COMING SOON: Elemental Eggs

30.04.12 version 1.5.7

- Prestige Ranks Introduced: Players reaching level 80 now have the option to do it all over again by moving up a prestige rank. All unlocked content is reset (excluding stats and content you have purchased with credits). For each Prestige Level, players get a new prestige badge as well as a prestige indicator on their Playercard.
- 15 new badge backgrounds added for even more Playercard customization.

14.04.12 version 1.5.5

- New Eggs in the shop: Leonidegg (Spartan warrior), Bruce Lee, Charlie (Chaplin).
- Secret Dummy Egg available to unlock if you can work out how.

04.04.12 version 1.5.4

- Design Egg Competition Part 2 Winners announced. Click here for full details.. Congratulations to V3n0m, rata536 and Dupdidup. The winning eggs include a snake, a chameleon and a mushroom.
- Announced Easter Weekend credits giveaway: 20 credits awarded once on each day of easter weekend (Sat 7th & Sun 8th April between hours of 00:01 and 23:59 GMT (UK) time) to a maximum of 40 credits. Credits added automatically after winning one game.
- Easter Egg hunt. We have hidden 18 Easter eggs all over the game. Find them all and unlock a special Easter gift.
- New Map added: Easter Madness.

14.02.12 version 1.5

- It’s finally here. WEAPON PACK 6 is now available to buy in the shop with five brand new weapons. They include the Lightning Strike, The Switcher, Fire Fountain, Splurge Grenade and Triple Knives. Have fun. The Lightning Strike is particularly good fun.
- Three new eggs available in the shop: Egg in a Hat, Palace Guard, Egg Fu Yung

02.02.12 version 1.49.6

- Competition winners announced. For a full list of winning entries click here
- Three new eggs available in the shop: Rasta Egg, Poncho Pancho (Mexican), Dr Death (Plague Doctor)

14.01.12 version 1.49.5

- Launched Competition: Egg Splatting Contest. Calling all players to go out and creative a video of themselves destroying eggs. The top entries will receive a credits prize to spend in the game. Deadline: 31 Jan 2012.
- Tweaked team select. Now players individually choose a which team they would prefer to be on, either red or blue (or remain on random), up until a particular team is full.
- Three new eggs available in the shop: William Wallace (Braveheart Egg), Eggimus Maximus (Roman Centurion) and One Eyed Jack (Cyclops)

04.01.12 version 1.49.3

- Thanks to Mirk for sending us his cool pyramids map design which now features in the game.
- Three new eggs available in the shop: Nefereggy, King Tut and Cheerleader egg.

20.12.11 version 1.49.2

- Added Team Selection for positive repped players. Option is available to the game host only. They can pick up to the maximum number of players allowed per team.
- Added a universal chat disable option to the settings in the top left hand corner. If disabled players will not receive any chat messages nor will anyone else see any messages posted by you. Concerned parents should toggle this off if they don’t want children to be at risk for rude and obnoxious language.
- Christmas gift: We are giving away a 20 credits bonus present to all players who login on Christmas day and win a game. Our thanks to you for your continued support. Please note the gift is awarded using GMT (Greenwich Mean time) so you need to play between 00:01 and 23:59 according to UK time on 25th December. Credits will automatically be added to your account when you win a game.

13.12.11 version 1.49

- Christmas Edition.
- Merry Christmas everyone, thanks for your support. Enjoy the snow and have a good holiday.
- Christmas themed eggs (and a Penguin) added to the shop. Santa egg, Steve the Snowman, and good old Slappy.
- Oh and a new map added for good measure. Enjoy the Winter Wonderland.

06.12.11 version 1.48.5

- Competition Winning Eggs added to shop. Congratulations to all who took part especially our winners. The chosen eggs include, CyberEgg, MutantEgg, ElephEgg, RhinEgg, HippEgg, Crash Test Dummy Egg.
- Fixed problem with Free Weapons not being available outside the practice arena.

30.11.11 version 1.48.1

- Weapon Pack 5 Released. Features the Blunder Bouncer, The Driller, Napalm Strike, Shurinade and 25 Ton Drop.
- Two further FREE weapons added unlocked at lv 43 and 47: Double Trouble and the Spray ‘n’ Pray.
- New Eggs added to the shop include our Aussie friend Bruce, American Footballer Joe Montana and the mighty Samurai Egg.
- Added new map: The Towers.
- Last call for competitions entries: 4th Dec is your deadline

22.11.11 version 1.47.5

- We’ve launched our first competition to design an egg shell for our catalogue. Winners will see their own design developed for the game and a prize of 100 credits. For further details view the rules here.
- New Eggs include the geek egg, punk egg and a LIMITED EDITION Elvis Egg. Elvis will be available for a limited time only, until Dec 1st so get your hands on him quick.
- Added filters to the lobby to search by game type.
- Added team chat: type ‘/t’ or ‘/team’ before your message and only people on your team will see it.
- Tweaked rep slightly – it is now -10 rep if you quit a good rep game and -5 for any other type of game.
- Added over 20 new background textures for your badges for players level 7 and above.
- Several minor bug fixes.

15.11.11 version 1.47

- The Dragons are here! 3 different coloured dragons added, each with cool fireball based weapons.
- Added 5 new game modes for Pro users including wind and bouncy arena walls.
- Tweaked rep slightly – it is now -3 rep if you quit a game.

07.11.11 version 1.45

- New ‘Castle’ map added.
- The battle between good and evil has begun with the addition of the angel and devil eggs.
- Big user interface update with all new menu design.
- Several small new features added including the ability to buy items in between games from the pre-game lobby.

25.10.11 version 1.4

- This is a big update with several new features that we’re trialling.
- Skills: we have introduced four ‘skills’. See the FAQ for more info.
- Rep – we have introduced a reputation system to discourage people from quitting games. See the FAQ for more info.
- Three new eggs available in the shop including the High Roller for the sophisticated egg connoisseur.
- Improved the ‘Quick Play’ functionality.
- Improved displaying of latest games in the lobby.

19.10.11 version 1.3

- The Halloween version is up and running!
- New Halloween map – Graveyard!
- Zombie egg introduced – get killed by a zombie and you get infected and can use the zombie to infect other players.
- Three spooky new eggs available in the shop – a vampire, a witch and a pumpkin.
- Made two small changes to the Rain-Bow and the Flak Cannon to make them a bit easier to use.

10.10.11 version 0.99

- Added Super Rewards – a system to enable players to earn credits for FREE! Visit the shop and click ‘Get Credits’ to find out more.
- Added death animations.
- Added 3 new eggs to the shop.
- We’ve also added mute buttons so that you can mute individual players if they are annoying you.
- Tweaked a couple of weapons ever so slightly and added two new sound effects.
- Added a new intro.

06.10.11 version 0.98

- This is a big update with lots of improvements.
- Improved the lobby so that open games are always shown before full games.
- Implemented an anti-cheating measure.
- Added 40 new levels to the game to allow players to keep levelling up for longer.
- Added 20 new badges to unlock as you level up.
- Added gold and silver eggs to unlock as you level up.
- Added new eggs, including the Ninja, to the shop.
- Added some player info to the lobby so that you can see your stuff there.
- Reduced the occurrence rate of several bugs.

27.09.11 version 0.94

- Added a check to make sure you are using the most up to date version of the game (to ensure that you aren’t playing against players with a different version).
- Tweaked several weapons.
- Made grenades bounce slightly less to make them a bit easier to use.
- Increased activation time of the Egg Seeking Missile slightly.

12.09.11 version 0.90

- Bad Eggs Online launched.
- Beta period commences.
- Testing and bug reporting.