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The Formula to End With Quiters (Rob/John)


8:50 pm
July 4, 2012


Very Bad Egg

posts 328



12:18 am
July 5, 2012


I am a worm before I am a man.


posts 1573


I think, they just need to fix the refresh glitch. So if they just refresh they still earn negative rep. That way we can only put +rep only and that's all.


1:08 am
July 5, 2012


Very Bad Egg

posts 328


And by the way: we know that the game knows the difference between quitting and loosing connection. Would be really nice if the Donkin's make a new icon in the results page showing that the player lost connection. Maybe a icon with a cutted wires instead the white flag. So, we have:

The shell, if the player survived

The tomb, if the player died in combat

The rope, if the player suicided

The white flag, if the player quitted

The wires cutted, if the player lost connection


Troll, please attach this to the first post.

2:55 pm
July 5, 2012


Bad Egg

posts 223


I Agree!

9:11 pm
July 5, 2012


Rotten to the Core

posts 924


ok rata added.


i wondering why rob/john dont say nothing yet about xp penalty and leave the shell of the quiter so team can controll it???

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10:12 pm
July 5, 2012


Badder than Bad

posts 2067


xp penalty doesn't matter much unless its big and no1 wants it then, quitted player (disconnect or other reason) left to be controlled by teammate(s) could lead to accidental suicide or other catastrophy.

1:22 am
August 24, 2012


Bad Egg

posts 223


To Donkins:


Stop quiters.

1:36 pm
August 25, 2012


Rotten to the Core

posts 924


ok, yes quitters need to end.


they are screwing the game, and im not talking about guests.


i still sthink xp penalty is the solution adding the plus to control the shell of the quitter.


so the quitter lose xp and rep, and the temamate(s) still on field can use that  shell to keep a fair game (the xp get from that shell go 50-50 to the others team memebrs).


and finaly adding the sugestion of rata u can reat at the beginin of this topic.

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