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negative XP for BEO2


2:36 pm
August 30, 2013


South Park

Hard Boiled

posts 134


this idea is from miniclip 8ball pool multiplayer online

i play this game now days alot



we have 100 & 200hp modes

in new BEO2 introduce more with 500hp & 1000hp mode ofcource with 10sec mode only

or game will be longer , also without 10sec if player prefers.

if you win you will gain hp if you lose,then hp will be negative.

thats what will keep player engage in game.not every one wins all the time.

also this will be very effective on leaderboard too because it will be automatically change on daily base.

person whos Rank no.1 today on LB could go down no.10 or 20 on very same day.


this will only effect on xp not on your Level.

for example lvl 2 need 50k xp if u achieve then rank lvl 2  will stays with you like badge

but if you lose xp will be negative.

so lvl 10 player can have lowest xp too.

also on daily base after certain time you will automatically receive 100xp every 30min. to stay in game.


it will be most Beneficial those who spams in game if they loose they will stay out for 30min.Laugh

no need to ban anyone. 


most of players dont play ones they reach on LB [i have my reasons,i am boredConfused]

even if i dont play i will be there for atlest till next year.

with negative xp it will change that.


yes it will be harder to finish prestige mode for new players,dont know BEO2 will have one

but if this one applies Dev can reduce limitation to finish prestige.


also BEO2 can have 1v1 tournament same like 8ball pool has i dont need to explain how it will work

play that game you get the idea.


ps- i didnt chek all topics abe also mention lose xp idea but mine is more detail.



made by SenSei101

made by SenSei101

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5:53 pm
August 30, 2013

Mohammed attar


Scrambled Egg

posts 58


cool sensei i also play 8 ball pool and i like that idea this will not make boring to players as now we are prestige 5 lvl 80 and dont have to do anything Frown

  1.  coooooollll

8:36 pm
August 30, 2013


In a nasty world.

Badder than Bad

posts 4171


Not supported by me. Sorry

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8:46 pm
August 30, 2013


Badder than Bad

posts 2067


500 or 1k hp matches would either require more ammos for those matches or weaps doing more dmg in those matches (500 and 1k matches would each have own ammo capacity or weaps dmg) but that could lead to pros being in their own matches (not bad thing necessarily) and non-pros playing with others and n00bs.

9:32 pm
August 30, 2013


South Park

Hard Boiled

posts 134


main ideas is to change LB ,which is based on xp

other factors like KD,win %,win strike  2 or 3 or more players can have same,

xp is the only factor which can differ from 1 person to other if Dev can add -ve xp

other ppl have chance to be there on LB.

500 & 1k hp is optional if Dev like idea they will do rest of the stats. will add-change more ;D



made by SenSei101

made by SenSei101

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5:24 am
August 31, 2013


Bad Eggs Online

Lean, Mean Egging Machine

posts 1140


SenSeI's idea sounds interesting; nice thinking

Signature by Hybrid4sure


6:15 am
August 31, 2013


Location: Right Here

Bad Egg

posts 224


I <3 the idea mostly for the fact that people wont be on the leaderboard then practically able to stay there for a while without playing. But idk how duond might feel about that he might be hoping he can maintaining #1Laugh

- Zolton owner of FS Blackout, bern13s, PWN_redorb_69er, S.F.T.B. and many more…

4:31 pm
August 31, 2013

croco is a vip 88

Where I want

Scrambled Egg

posts 71


good idea ! Laugh 

 rupesh a raj: ur aim is sniper cro. nice to see


12:53 am
September 1, 2013

Trafalgar Law

Over Here!

Sunny Side Up

posts 41


i very like the new LB system and the 500-1k life matches,but i disagree with less xp if you lose:think at when a player gets disconnected cuz of the bad connection,it would be bad.

3:22 pm
September 1, 2013


Rotten to the Core

posts 924


sounds nice, this idea could be completed wit one i posted along time ago , to help quit quiters, and punish wit negative xp


i post link here if u sensei  and ppl  want  want to read it,

The Formula to End With Quiters (Rob/John)

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2:20 am
September 13, 2013


Does not suffer fools gladly

Rotten to the Core

posts 955


Eh, how about if you simply kill yourself you get negative XP.

Started on November 2011


7:32 am
September 13, 2013

Bad Eggs Online 2 is cool

Sunny Side Up

posts 35



- should show your accurary too ( how many shots you hit )

- should show your average damage in a battle too, for fun. AND because, if someone only play flat maps his average damage per round would be 600 then if you know what I mean.

8:56 am
September 13, 2013


I am so sorry please unban me

Bad to the Yolk

posts 692


Well,sounds great…But kinda hard to put this thing from the beggining.They should make It an Add-on.

9:04 pm
September 16, 2013

Master cheef666

i am sorry for banning joystick, pokemon, and zolton. and myself in the proses. rob and john. please forgive me, pokemon, joystick, and zolton. unban us please. we will be friends. please :(

Lean, Mean Egging Machine

posts 1178


I don't like it. it lowers the confidence for noobs.

my name means many things.



9:01 pm
September 17, 2013


Badder than Bad

posts 2067


even high level players shoot badly (just today 1 teammate got 0 xp from 3 vs 3 match (didn't even try to hit) and he was mid-level and another around same level shot teammate with roman candle (too low angle) and before that his shot with blueberry missed opponent by mile) so accuracy showing could lead to no risky shots done.

9:39 pm
September 17, 2013


I am a worm before I am a man.


posts 1573


Bad Eggs is not the kind of games that could work nicely having a system for negative XP too. If all of you are already mad about the players who use flat maps or those who pile, do you really think you will be cool about having a XP penalization?




11:36 pm
September 17, 2013

Master cheef666

i am sorry for banning joystick, pokemon, and zolton. and myself in the proses. rob and john. please forgive me, pokemon, joystick, and zolton. unban us please. we will be friends. please :(

Lean, Mean Egging Machine

posts 1178


yeah. agreed.

my name means many things.



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