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2 BEO2 Suggestions that have to do with Clans


12:36 am
September 13, 2013


Does not suffer fools gladly

Rotten to the Core

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First idea which is pretty basic, I think people should know that there are going to be clans in BEO2, right? Well I think that there should be a clan war mode in the game. The option will be 2v2 and 3v3 only though, since a clan is typically more than one person. All of the other options are allowed. The win and loss record will be recorded and maybe there can be a leaderboard for clans that won the most clan wars. They will all have a global rating depending on their win and loss.


Second idea, there should be a map for clan war wins as well. What I mean is, that it would show all the default maps in BEO2 in one large map, along with the clans that won the most wins on each map along with their points. (e.g. Moguls: Broken Shells – 700 points) The matches do not have to be clan wars. 


The point system works like this:

Broken Shells (BS) vs Pi Clan (Pi) in 2v2

Broken Shells wins – +2 points for Broken Shells and -2 for Pi Clan (and vice versa)

Broken Shells vs Pi Clan in 3v3

Pi Clan wins – +3 points for Pi Clan and -3 for Broken Shells

If somehow it is 2 (BS) members vs 1 (BS) and 1 (Pi) member then:

If 2 (BS) win – +1 for BS (2 points from win minus 1 point from loss on other team) and -1 for Pi

If 1 (BS) and 1 (Pi) win – -1 for BS (+1 from win – 2 from loss) and 1 for Pi (winning team)

This does not affect 1v1s.


Sorry if the map idea seems complicated, I was in a hurry while typing this. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding these ideas and/or post any feedback below Smile

Started on November 2011


12:56 am
September 13, 2013


I am a worm before I am a man.


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Haha thank you, Broken Shells could only defeat the extinct Pi clan (I'm the only member left, so screw it LOL) in thoughts and examples… Cry


Anyways, your idea seems pretty cool as well as complex… It would be really nice if in fact we have any kind of system for the clans and anything about them.


Maybe the leaderboard could work with all the stats accumulated from all the members of each clan.




1:21 am
September 15, 2013


Bad Eggs Online

Lean, Mean Egging Machine

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Sounds great; I like these ideas epicgamer

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9:05 pm
September 16, 2013

Master cheef666

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there must be clans in beo2.

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