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Spoiler – Easter egg hunt locations.


12:26 pm
April 5, 2012


Scrambled Egg

posts 77


As most will know, BEO has currently got an easter egg hunt in the game. In this is pictures and descriptions of all the 18 easter egg hunt locations, but first some info on the hunt itself.


The hunt was added on the 4th april 2012, with a reward being the bunny egg outfit to wear in games. Hovering over the bunny on the last page of the players costumes (in profile) will show how many eggs are needed until unlocking the bunny. The 18 eggs are all random styles, so they are different looks for every egg, but in the same location.


Egg locations


1) The first egg is located on the main page after logging in, which covers the letter "o" in the word eggpocalypse, at the top of the page.



2) the second egg can be found after clicking play on the hom page, in the lobby. It is located on the bottom left of the screen.




3) The third egg can be found in the game setup, by clicking "create game", chich can be seen in the image above. It is hidden next to the cancel button.




4 & 5) Eggs 4 and 5 can both be found on the same page, during mid game. They are found by the cancel and the fire button. Players should note that these eggs can be found against another player, in practice or while testing a custom made terrain, although playing a game against other players links to another egg.




6) Egg number 6 can be found in the terrain editor, underneath the symetrical tickbow at the bottom-centre (slightly left) of the screen. Note that pro is NOT required for this, only for saving the terrain, which is not necessary for finding an egg.




7 & 8) These two egg can be found in the players profile, in the badges page, and also on the player in any page.




9) Heading over to the trials, another egg can be found on the bottom right trial, on any page.




10) Egg number 10 can be found in the shop, under the buying pro page. It is hidden behind the top of the pro symbol.




11) Egg number 11 can be found back in the shop, covering up the symbol on the first skill from the left, the shield.




12) The next egg can be found in the weapon pack shop shop, in weapon pack 5, covering the shurinade. This can be harder to see if the weapon pack has been purchased.




13 and 14) These eggs can be found in the lobby, while waiting for players or to start a game. One covers the a in the word game, and the other can be found on the far right top, right of the top egg.




15) This next egg requires a game to be won or lost. It covers the thumb in the top left corner. Players should note this should be obtained rapidly and not afked, as the page will eventually continue by itself, resulting in having to play another game.




16) This egg can be found in the new egg shop, covering any random egg (different to each person), which is currently the competition winners eggs. This egg is hard to miss.




17) The penultimate egg can be found in the credits, which can be accessed by clicking credits at the bottom of the home page after logging in. The egg is hidden in the middle of Rob and John.




18) The last egg, congratulations to you if you have got all the eggs so far. The last egg before unlocking the bunny can be found in the leaderboard, accessed through the players profile. It is hidden in the bad eggs online logo, on the far right.




Congratulations! If you have all these eggs, then you now have the bunny egg! A message will appear on your screen saying so. You can go to your profile on the last page to wear it.


Happy Easter Everyone! Hope this helped to get your very own easter bunny egg!




4:33 pm
April 5, 2012


Does not suffer fools gladly

Rotten to the Core

posts 955


16. must be different for everyone, since the egg was covering the mushroom shell when i found it.

And you're welcome frog Wink

Started on November 2011


7:48 pm
April 5, 2012


Scrambled Egg

posts 77


ok, thanks for the update on that. im gunna change that now. Cool


10:07 pm
April 5, 2012


Poached Egg

posts 86


Good. Ruin the fun.

10:16 pm
April 5, 2012



Fried Egg

posts 8


you really helped me!Coolthanks for telling what you get as a prize and where there located.

9:15 am
April 6, 2012


Scrambled Egg

posts 77


@ Iceman, I messaged rob and he said it was ok, and thats what the spoiler, repeated twice, is for.

@ ozzie, glad it helped you.


12:16 pm
April 6, 2012

zzmorg82 {уσℓк}

They call me Rambo

Bad to the Yolk

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Thanks for this thread, should help many people! Wink



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12:27 pm
April 6, 2012


Scrambled Egg

posts 77


yeah, i met someone in a battle today who said that this thread helped them find the last egg they needed :)


5:36 pm
April 6, 2012


United Kingdom

Scrambled Egg

posts 55


Helped me get the two eggs I just couldn't find =D

This thread was a life saver… Thanks!


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6:34 pm
April 6, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 15


thanks for posting, finally found the egg in the leaderboard. never would have found it otherwise ;)

6:44 pm
April 6, 2012


on the forums DERR

Very Bad Egg

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tht really helped me thx

3:12 am
April 7, 2012


Do A Barrel Roll!

Badder than Bad

posts 2567


Awesome, it took forever to find on my own, I looked it up and bam, I got them all

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Weapon Pack 9 Suggestion ^^^^

7:21 am
April 7, 2012




posts 671


Awesome, that helped me get the 3 last eggs I needed xD

Very helpful :)

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10:17 am
April 7, 2012


Scrambled Egg

posts 77


Glad it helped zaught and also yellowdagger. Cool


1:18 pm
April 7, 2012


Sunny Side Up

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2:02 pm
April 7, 2012


Badder than Bad

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might be helpful but john and rob didnt for urself but ya i didnt need this,but im sure john and rob font like spoilers

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Forum since March 31st 2012


2:29 pm
April 7, 2012

Anubis [Dog]

Dark lord of the Dead

Badass Egg

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Very nice spoiler Wink

That last egg had me hunting for many minutes

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6:59 pm
April 7, 2012



Fried Egg

posts 3


Frogsticks ur awesome i would've never EVER gotten the easter egg on the leaderboard thanks for the tutorial :D BTW do u have a Gmail account?maybe we could battle someone or battle each other :) 

8:57 pm
April 7, 2012


Scrambled Egg

posts 77


@ dr egg killer – I will do sometime


@ supermario – ya, i know wat u mean. Good job not needing any help ;)


@ Uglystamps -  Ya, the last egg is fairly hard, it took me a while to find it. Thanks for the comment ;)


@ kingsonic11 – Glad it helped. I do have a gmail account, ill pm you it sometime, having a battle would be great.


5:52 am
April 10, 2012


bad eggs online

Rotten to the Core

posts 862


i had the eggs all before i came but i looked to  see if the eggs were randomly placed or everyone had the same

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