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Epic Egg Moments!


11:41 am
November 15, 2011


Very Bad Egg

posts 446


This was my best match so far… my the pals left at the beginning, then…


Italian Egg! 

3:06 pm
November 15, 2011


Hiding from humans.


posts 657


Nice, Zki16!Wink


You're a bit eggcentric, but some bunny is going to think that's eggciting.Okay that was a bad yolk, Omelettin' it slide.

Need help? PM me! I am here to help, after all. :3 Noncryptic is currently level: 53. Click here to get Rainbow text!

3:33 pm
November 15, 2011


Scrambled Egg

posts 66


gz Zki16!

10:53 pm
November 15, 2011


From A Planet Filled with Bad-Ass eggers(I'm one of them.)

Very Bad Egg

posts 311


Good job.

Goodbye, everyone. I hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did in that short time I played. As my account sits still, I hang my hat. You may see me in other games though. -Departure ends here, lol-

10:17 pm
November 16, 2011



Rotten to the Core

posts 771


Lol. You crossed out their usernames?

I live in America. Where instead of French Fries, we have Freedom Fries.

"I know where your carton is!"

(Signature Image made by Slim)

11:08 pm
November 16, 2011


Very Bad Egg

posts 446


It's just for privacy… lol.

Italian Egg! 

1:50 am
November 19, 2011


bad eggs online

Rotten to the Core

posts 862


lol not very epic but funny for mine youll understand read i said read it


I was doing 2 on 2 but I thought it was 1vs1vs1vs1 so I ganged up on one thinking the other 2 would cancel them out and then it was me against 1 other egg and i realized it was team and I won last man standing lol

The many faces of Claus (Mother 3)

8:15 pm
November 19, 2011


Sunny Side Up

posts 48


My epic moment is when 2 of my cowardly teammates left and I was the only one left.(the game had just started.) all 3 of the other team were like level 30 and up and i was level 19. Somehow I won. 2 teammates left and 1 sucked at aiming. i just kept shooting the other guy and eventually died. its not much but its my most epic moment. 

10:34 pm
November 24, 2011



Lean, Mean Egging Machine

posts 1238


I got a triple kill with a Mortar :3. My teamates left me but I kept gassing my enemies and stuff like that, then they spread out a little and had little health. Needless to say, MORTAR PWNAGECool


Helping people choose names since 1945

11:49 pm
November 25, 2011


Does not suffer fools gladly

Rotten to the Core

posts 955


I once did 41 damage to one person with Mortar. Cool

Started on November 2011


12:02 am
November 26, 2011


Hard Boiled

posts 142


46 damage with mortar and 60 damage with whilrgig on 1 person (a lot of times).

Completed all trials except the ones that have to do with leveling up till level 80.

33 win streak in 1v1's, 28 in 2v2's and 17 in 3v3's.

Highest damage: 80.

3 Kills in 1 shot….that's about all I can think of.

12:53 pm
November 26, 2011


Bad Egg

posts 176


double shot kills with whriling ! best moments everKiss


6:34 pm
November 26, 2011



Very Bad Egg

posts 328


my most epic moment was a glitch. the game was not working well and connection kept failing. but then whenever i pressed space an explosion happened!!! i could control it with arrow keys, and even when it wasnt my turn!!! i pwned everyone when it wasnt my turn!!!i got ike 5 badges i didnt deserve :). and when people tried to shoot me their bullets/arrows/whatever froze midair. that was like 3 days after i had appendicitis, maybe god was feeling sorry for me.CoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileWinkWinkWinkWinkWink


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8:02 pm
November 26, 2011



Fried Egg

posts 13


Lol lol lol :D

12:24 am
November 27, 2011



Very Bad Egg

posts 328


the funny ting was i got the pwnage badge. and that was TOTAL pwnage.


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1:03 am
November 30, 2011


Probably MCSG on us1-30 ;)

Badass Egg

posts 1380


AWESOME TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here's my story, enjoy!

So there i was, in the middle of an epic battle against two good players, one of them a pro (not actually a pro like with the dbl xp and stuff, just really good). And with a non-eggcperienced guest as my only teamate, and with both of us low health, things were looking like defeat. But then the unbelievable happened. the guest shot a perfect splurge-cannon at the pro, a solid 20 points! Immediately afterwards, the pro missed!!! It was then i knew i had to whip out my true killawolf beastliness. I shot a missle  at the pro's ledge he was sitting on, his teammate right below him. A DIRECT HIT!!!!! The pro and his good teammate were now side by side, in optimal position for double damage. The following turn, my guest teammate died, giving me twice the turns! When it was my turn, and this is the glory-shot right here by the way, i chucked a gas-grenade right at the two, who were still-by-side, killing one and leaving the pro badly damaged with 14 hp. After he missed with a bow, i shot a missle for the win!!!!!!!!!!! Truely an eggciting game!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your time, peace out!



2:37 pm
November 30, 2011


Fried Egg

posts 16


My best moment was a 1v1. Me and i new guy. I killed him.

Me haha

3:20 pm
December 3, 2011


Give me liberty! Or a bran muffin!

Hard Boiled

posts 107


david7015 said:

NeroZero said:

Pffft.I once striked 95 damage from a Gas Nade.This obviously gave me the Pwnage badge.Cool

It's impossible to 95. 'Nade does 30. So the most is 90.

Maybe he used the rage skill… boosting his damage

Nothing is here, just keep scrolling

9:01 pm
December 3, 2011


Hard Boiled

posts 142


Two perfect shots, won a 1v1 in two rounds because:

1. First whirligig does the 60 damage max

2. Then my Double Trouble does the 40 damage max, so 2 perfect shots for a 2 round win.

12:24 am
December 4, 2011


Somewhere in the Fourth Dimension

Bad to the Yolk

posts 745


Nice 2v2 game. Sara died in the half of the match. Then I almost killed Mageg. I would, but he took from me lots of lives with only one pro weapon. If i were pro, I'd always win. ¬¬

But I still did more damage than him.


I am not a guest, Guest-2845 is my nickname. Please, don't call me guest, call me 2845. Thanks.

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