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Bad Eggs Online Tutorial Of How To Play


9:59 am
November 29, 2011




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Off Topic:

If your a nice egg, please do fill this survey of Bad Eggs Online:


Note: Pictures may take a while to all load.

What the tutorial tells you:

1.) Getting Started

- How to make an account
- What to do when you have forgotten your password

2.) The Shop
- How to open the shop
- How to get credits
- How to purchase items using your credits

3.) Profile
- How to open your profile
- What are stats
- How to open stats
- What are trials
- How to open trials
- What are egg shells
- How to open open egg shells
- How to use your egg shells
- What are badges
- How to open badges
- How to use your badges
- What are backgrounds
- How to open backgrounds
- What are weapons
- How to unlock weapons
- How to open weapons
- How much weapons cost
- What are skills
- How many skills there currently are
- What skills there are
- What the skills do
- How to open skills
- What are eggcards
- How to open eggcards
- What is a leaderboard
- How to open the leaderboard

4.) Terrains
- What are terrains
- How to make terrains
- What is a terrain editor

5.) How to join and play a game
- How to join a game
- What happens when a game is full
- Where to locate games
- How to leave a game
- What happens when the game is about to start
- How to join certain game types
- How to join friends
- How to open practice
- How to attack enemies

6.) Other
- How to turn sound effects off
- How to turn music off
- How to turn the quality to high medium and low
- Weapons damage link
- Strategy for every map link
- Where to find the chat

1.) Getting Started

To get started you must first open up Beo (Bad Eggs Online) and let it load, it will then come to the main page.

To make an account press the "create account" button below the "sign in" button.

You must fill in everything you see including the email, password, confirm password and your username.

Remember you may only use up to 16 characters for your password and username.

If you ever forget your password click the "Forget PW?" button on the main menu as shown in the picture below:

Then enter your username or email and they should have sent you an email.

2.) The Shop

The shop is a wonderful place to get new eggs shells, weapons, pro version and skills.

You must either use real money using PayPal or SuperRewards.

SuperRewards can earn you free credits by filling out surveys, watching videos and other stuff.

You can either locate the "shop" button on the main menu when you have logged in, or you can find it once pressed play on the main menu.

It will be under either the "play" button or when you press play it will be under the "profile" button as shown in the pictures below:



When opened, the screen should look like this:

To get credits, press the "Get Credits" button at the top right corner of the screen.

When opened, two buttons should pop up, PayPal and SuperRewards, they are the two ways to get credits.

When pressed on PayPal you will have to choose from $1, $5, $10 or $50.

When pressed the "buy" button a new page will open, this page is your payment screen, you must fill in everything except the optional questions and then your credits should come in straight away!

Note: The picture below is not all you have to fill in.

When filled in everything and it says you have completed your purchase you may close that tab and head back to Beo (Bad Eggs Online).

You have to now press the "Ok" button and your credits should come in straight away

Note: If your credits have not come in and you have done everything correctly, please contact Rob or John (Creators of the game) or just post a topic on the Report A bug forum on the forums page saying that your credits didn't come in.

Note: Rob (Creator of the game) is usually on more than John (Creator of game), Rob is likely to post on the topic you make about your credits not coming in.

When pressed on the SuperRewards button, you can do any offer you wish to do.

 Note: All offers have the price of credits you will recieve under them.

Once finished an offer, head back to Beo (Bad Eggs Online) and your credits should come in.

If you have credits and you wish to use them click on either armoury, egg shells, skills or go pro.

To buy an egg shell (or whatever you want to buy) click it.

Note: The picture below is an example of buying egg shells, but will work the same with armoury and go pro (not skil purcls).

If you have already purchased something it will enable you from clicking on it and will say "You own this".

When clicked on, it will ask if you want to buy it or not.

If pressed yes it will then deduct the number of credits the item is worth.


If you want to buy skills, it won't be the same way you buy armoury, egg shells or the pro version.

If you click on skills you must choose which one you want and then click the arrows to the number of uses you want to be able to use for that skill.

Note: All skills cost 5 credits each.

Once you have chosen which skill and how much uses you are buying of that skill you have to now press the "buy" button and your skills will come in.

Note: Play a game to see if you have got the skills you have purchased or not.

Note: Best valued items to buy would have to be the pro version.

3.) Profile

A profile is something that gives information about a player.

You can locate your profile on the main menu page when you have logged in under the "quickplay" button or you can find it once pressed play under the "chat room" button.

When clicked on, the screen should look something like this:

Stats, stats are battle information like wins, loses and other stuff.

Stats will be shown on the left side on the profile screen.

Trials, trials are bassically accomplishments.

Trials can be earnt by leveling up, using certain weapons a certain amount of times, killing people a certain amount of times and other stuff.

Trials will be at the upper left next to shells and will look like this:

Shells, shells can be unlocked by unlocking or being purchased by credits!

To set a new shell just click on one.

Shells can be located next to badges and will look like this:

Badges, badges are pictures of you and there are many of them to unlock by leveling up and unlocking trials.

To set a new badge just click on one.

Badges are located next to weapons and will look like this:

Backgrounds, backgrounds are shown at the back of your badges picture.

To set a new background just click on one.

Backgrounds is located on the badges page down the bottom and will look like this.

Weapons, weapons are used to bring down your enemies, each weapon does a different amount of damage.

Weapons can be unlocked by leveling up or you can purchase them with credits.

Click on a weapon and it will show the information of it.

Weapons can be located next to skills and will look like this:

Note: You can not set what weapons you want to use in a game.

Note: Weapons cost 50 credits each for a pack of 5 and a pack of 4.

Skills, skills are bassically like abilities you can use but don't harm your enemies in anyway.

There are currently 4 skills including teleport, mass teleport, shield and fury.

Teleport: Teleports you to where you want to go.

Mass teleport: Teleports all players in the match to a random place. (Players don't teleport if they are dead).

Shield: Lowers the damage done to you when a player hits you.

Fury: Does an extra 50% damage for your next 2 turns.

Skills can by unlocked by winning the first match of the day or you can purchase them using credits.

Skills is located at the right next to weapons and will look like this:

Eggcards, eggcards will be shown when you play with players and includes your name, level, trial name (eg: rookie, egg soldier ,ect), total number of XP and rep.

Eggcards are located in your stats and will look like this:

Leaderboard, the leaderboard shows the top 20 players in Beo (Bad Eggs Online), it goes by the level, if they are the same level it then goes by the number of XP you have earnt.

It is located at the bottom of the profile page next to the "back" button and will look like this.

4.) Terrains

Terrains are where you battle your enemies, every terrain is different in their own way.

When creating a game, it will then come up with a variety of maps to choose from.

Note: New terrains get added every so often.

You can create your own terrain using terrain editor which is located on the main menu when you log in under practice.

There is no use explaining how to use the terrain editor because their is already a guide button that tells you everything you need to know about the terrain editor.

The terrain editor is smooth when you open it but changes randomly when you press randomize, their are different buttons, such as auto smooth, test, randomize, guide and save terrain.

Note: You can''t use the terrain editor unless you have purchased the pro version with credits.

5.) How to join and play a game

To join a game you can either click the "quickplay" button on the main page when logged in under the "shop" button or when you have pressed the "play" button under the "create game" button.

When pressed quickplay it will take you to a random game, if it doesn't work it will say "game full".

Another way to join a game is to click on one, as shown in the picture below:

When joined a game you have the choice to leave by pressing the "leave" button up the top in the middle.

At the right shows who you are playing with and their eggcard.

In the green circle shows how many more players you need for the game to start, when their is no more players you need to go for the game to start, it will change and countdown from 10 to 0 and the game will then start.

If you only want to play a certain game like 1vs1, 2vs2, ect, you can press it in the top right corner as shown in the picture bellow:

If you want to join a friend, then press join a friend and enter the code or you can go by the link if you want to.

Updated on 17/03/2012: If you want to be with a certain player or some other reason you can pick your own team by clicking on the question mark on the side, it will then change either into a blue or red square. Red and blue are the two teams, the question mark means you will be given a random team.

The last way you can play a game is by pressing the "practice" button on the main menu when you log in, and you will fight against the dummy egg.

Now to learn how to attack your enemies, pretty simple, you pick your weapon by pressing the picture of the weapon, it also says "click for more weapons".

Then to aim at a play use the arrows or the mouse to move the red thick line up and down, moving it up increases the power of the shot, and moving it down decreases the power of the shot.

Moving it left and right changes the direction of the shot, it will seem hard at first but it will get easier as you play Beo (Bad Eggs Online).

After all that, the last step is to press the "fire button" or press "enter" on the keyboard.

You can also press the "controls" button" in the lower left corner of the screen and it will give you information how attack your enemies.

6.) Other

Don't want the music or sound effects on? Then go to the upper left corner of the screen and press the buttons as showed in the picture below:

If you want to change the quality of the game you can also find it in the same spot shown in the picture below:

Here are the examples of high, medium and low quality shown in the pictures below:




If you want to know the weapons damage please feel free to go to this thread posted by Kingpooultra:…..ns-damage/

And if you want to know every map off by heart and know the strategy for every single one of them, then go to this link posted by NeroZero:…..every-map/


Added on the 30/11/2011: Want to talk with others? Or you want to play with them? Well thankfully there is a way to do that, all you have to do is to go to the "chat" page next to the "forum" page.

Or you can find it in the game when you have pressed the "play" button, it will be under the "join friend" button as shown in the picture below:

-Thanks, it's not the "best" tutorial, Zaught Yell

Zaught –  Fill out this survey of Beo please :]

Neally 300 people have filled out the survey, thank you all! :)

10:11 am
November 29, 2011


The Alpha and the Omegga


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Nice tutorial! Lot of effort put in. Shame it took over 60 seconds to load thanks to my awful ISP -.-

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10:20 am
November 29, 2011


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wish i saw this when i started :(

Puff The Magic Dragon….

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10:39 am
November 29, 2011

Rob Donkin



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Nice one Zaught! Looks like you've covered pretty much everything, thanks for posting this.

12:46 pm
November 29, 2011


Bad Egg

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wow, nice one zaught Cool


5:38 pm
December 4, 2011


The Olympus

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Thanks for the instructions!Wink

6:05 am
January 17, 2012



Hard Boiled

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Nice work must have took you long time do these!

7:46 pm
January 20, 2012


Probably MCSG on us1-30 ;)

Badass Egg

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Dude zaught was a boss! Why'd he have to go! ;(

2:50 am
January 21, 2012



Lean, Mean Egging Machine

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Thanks for your time in making this. Noobs will enjoy.


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6:36 am
January 28, 2012


Planet Smegg

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WOW! nice work. Must have took a lot of time. Eh?

Dont forget to say hello if u find me on BEO!



6:39 pm
January 28, 2012



As Bad as Eggs come!

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don't gravedig^

PM me if you need anything! Or you can find me at Gamer Clan HQ, SnoopyGamerz, I'm there pretty often.

6:25 am
January 29, 2012


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Nice instructions

Played with the bests

9:12 pm
April 17, 2012


Freshman Egg

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this is very helpfull, i created my account today which is april 2012

8:05 am
May 13, 2012


hey people

Bad to the Yolk

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Thanks for the tutorial. Helped me sometimes

This signature made by Slim. I will thank him you making this.

11:38 pm
May 14, 2012


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That was long…

Use it wisely…

8:38 am
May 18, 2012

broseph stalin

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Man…leaderboard at 300,000…those were the days

10:50 am
May 18, 2012


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Really cool that you spent so much time to making a tutorial, you're a moderator worthLaughLaughLaugh

 I`m  hot

11:01 am
May 18, 2012


hey people

Bad to the Yolk

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goodfeet said:

Really cool that you spent so much time to making a tutorial, you're a moderator worthLaughLaughLaugh


yep i know too

This signature made by Slim. I will thank him you making this.

6:38 pm
May 22, 2012


Badder than Bad

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broseph stalin said:

Man…leaderboard at 300,000…those were the days


wish it was still like that and evangelion is gone off beo prob never see him agian i want more places on leaderboards like 30 or 40

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5:56 pm
July 15, 2012



Bad Egg

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Very good instructions for new players.

I got a licence to double post.

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