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8:54 pm
November 22, 2011


Freshman Egg

posts 1


My idea;


Suicidal Bombegg!

(will photoshop later got no time now ;p)


The egg can  let himself explode and while he's exploding, taking others within his grave.



9:02 pm
November 22, 2011


Your Mother's house

Very Bad Egg

posts 440


here's just a little thing ur talking about?

Puff The Magic Dragon….

Mageg(g) Said:"i like nuts in my chocolate, adds flavor."


9:02 pm
November 22, 2011




posts 671


Heres mine guys :P

Glowy the egg

Bio: Glows in the dark, watch out for this lil egg!

This egg glows in dark maps!

Zaught –  Fill out this survey of Beo please :]

Neally 300 people have filled out the survey, thank you all! :)

9:03 pm
November 22, 2011


Fried Egg

posts 5


Name: 50's

Desccription: White n'Black, Rock n'Roll too.

Name: The Opposite

Description: In an alternative World…


Name: Reporter

Description: Mmmm, We can problems with the connection…

Name: Flash.

Description: Who need a Superhero?

Name: Shaolin.

Description: Free Tibet!

9:29 pm
November 22, 2011


Bad to the Yolk

posts 653


Here's mine.

Name: Alien Screen Egg

Description: From the planet of Smegg, the Alien will watch you on his screen and will know exactly what you will do. He uses exotic weapons.

Lets get these smileys in the forum! XD and :P

 The SS badge.

9:39 pm
November 22, 2011


Fried Egg

posts 4


name:   brave eggy (not parody)

bio: from escotland comes the all mighty brave eggy, his favorite weapon is a long bow which fires a black arrow which call a rain of arrows were it falls.  FREEDOM!!!

9:50 pm
November 22, 2011


Freshman Egg

posts 1



Name: Cole The Eggsplorer

Description: Cole has wandered off to so many places, that he has gotten a little dark on the shell

10:17 pm
November 22, 2011

Sir Humpty

Paradise Palace

Sunny Side Up

posts 35


***Urban Collection*** VOTE For King Humpty!!!!!!!

Name: Trendy Egg

Description: Cool, Smooth, and Flashy. This guy here is the best dressed hen egg in Bad Eggs Online. He has won the award for Most Flamboyant Egg of the Year.


Name: Urban American Gangster Red

Description: This bad boy will spray paint the whole world red with flames.


Name: Urban American Gangster Blue


Description: This guy is the true definition of an egg gone bad. From the deep depths of the skillet, this egg is deep boiled with street knowledge.


***Weapons***(Just for fun)

Weapon: Cane of Death (comes with purchase of Trendy Egg)

Description: Special handheld cane that launches a sparkling star-nosed missile. The missile sounds a hip-hop theme when its airborne. It does 25 damage upon impact.

Weapon: Boom-Eggerang

Description: The boomerang spins and hits an enemy then bounces off and hits an extra opponent causing 15 damage to each. Like all boomerangs, after it is tossed, it comes right back where it came from. That's what makes it an unlimited weapon.


KissKissKissFemale CollectionKissKissKiss

Name: Bikini Babe Egg

Description: Bikini Babe is a beach dweller looking to tan the outer layer of her shell. She is sexy like Pamela Eggderson. She turns heads any place she goes.

Name: Housewife Egg

Description: She is lovely and funny. The kitchen is not the only battlefield for her. She takes out the trash all while keeping her beautiful red locks intact.


***Animal Collection***

Name: Croco Egg 

Description: With his sharp teeth, this reptile can chew through the shell of any egg. Croco has a big appetite and hungers only for egg yolk. CHOMP! Nom Nom Nom…

Name: Giant Panda Egg

Description: Residing from the mountains of China is the endangered specie of panda. It only comes out into view when no one else is in sight.

Name: Egga Doodle

Description: Cock a doodle dooooooooo!!! Wake up and fight or die…

***Treacherous Collection***

Name: No-Good Benny

Description: The name says it all. Benny is a no-good, lying, cheating rotten egg.

Name: Eggdusa or Meggdusa

Description: She has a head full of the most lethal snakes around. The beast has arose from her mythical lair. Don't look her in the eyes…too late. You have been turned into stone.

***Egytian Collection***

Name: Pharaoh Egg

Description: The mighty king of Egypt. This egg is strict and merciless to all his followers.


LaughWinkLaughParody CollectionWinkLaughSmile

Name: Super Eggio

Description: The awesome Italian is here!!! He is looking to rescue the egg princess. Watch out when he consumes the power mushroom!

CoolCoolCoolThese are just a few of my ideas for new costumes. I hope that everyone enjoys my post as much as I have enjoyed creating it.LaughLaughLaugh

 Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall…Humpty Dumpty Killed Them ALL…


11:09 pm
November 22, 2011


Sunny Side Up

posts 42


This is the "The Shadow Shell"


Go if you like this shell and want to have it Vote +Cool .


11:32 pm
November 22, 2011


Sunny Side Up

posts 23


11:42 pm
November 22, 2011



Freshman Egg

posts 1


Here's mine!


Name: LumberEgg

Bio: You don't want to get between him and his tree! 

12:11 am
November 23, 2011


Freshman Egg

posts 1


Image and video hosting by TinyPic from elijahfaviel. he is the green ninja. his father wanted him to be a red ninja so he ran away from home. now he competes in badeggs to save money and buy a farm, because he is tired of killingSmile

1:10 am
November 23, 2011


Fried Egg

posts 8


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

bumble bee

this bee comes with a stinger stick that does 30/40 damage

150 credits

1:23 am
November 23, 2011


Freshman Egg

posts 1


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Name: Leggolas


Bio: Red Sun Rises.  Blood Has Been Spilled This Night

1:28 am
November 23, 2011


Fried Egg

posts 12


SWEGG or(The swagger egg)NAME: SWEGG

the swagger egg is equiped with the swagger backpack making the player earn 5% XP BONUS EVERY WITH EVERY KILL SRRY IT TOOK SO LONG TO MAKE

USER NAME:maxero1114

Email:[email protected]



2:08 am
November 23, 2011


Bad to the Yolk

posts 653


Name: Fan Egg

Description: The Fan Egg looks into its computer, spots you, fries you. A little helper egg helps the bigger egg make choices.

Lets get these smileys in the forum! XD and :P

 The SS badge.

3:18 am
November 23, 2011


Freshman Egg

posts 1


It's a mexican cholo egg! I call it "Pancho Loks" lolImage and video hosting by TinyPic

3:35 am
November 23, 2011


Fried Egg

posts 8


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

casual egg you may think but see those red glasses? when he takes them off the lenses turn into throwing discs

3:44 am
November 23, 2011


Very Bad Egg

posts 382


I decided not to trouble my staff artist for something that probably isn't going to win, anyway, but eh.

I present to you Albert Eggstein. Insert witty description here.

Only the best serve me, let the others moan.

3:50 am
November 23, 2011


Freshman Egg

posts 1


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Secret Agent

Dispatched by a secret society, he's out to get the bad eggs.

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