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11:32 pm
March 28, 2013


Fried Egg

posts 4


Name: Eggzanagi

Description: A leng(g)endary hero from Japan where he learned a lot of skills. He is always mysterious.

4:52 am
March 29, 2013


Freshman Egg

posts 1


4:58 am
March 29, 2013



Fried Egg

posts 6


My user name in the game is: Leoxeneize


  Name: Xtrion

Description: Coming from the planet Xtritium, this egg has crossed the entire galaxy to share his great warlike wisdom.

Descripción: Proveniente del planeta Xtritium, este huevo ha recorrido la galaxia entera para compartir su gran sabiduría guerrera.



  Name: Twisteregg

Description: Wrapped in a furious tornado that turns continuously, it can raise his enemies for the air and throw them very far.

Descripción: Envuelto en un furioso tornado que gira sin cesar, puede elevar a sus enemigos por el aire y arrojarlos muy lejos suyo.



  Name: Eggorgon

Description: This mythological egg turns into stone his opponents when this ones see him at his eyes.

Descripción: Huevo mitológico que convierte a sus enemigos en piedra cuando lo miran fijamente a sus ojos.



Name: Egginstein

Description: The most intelligent egg of all and creator of the nuke. He use his intelligence to win and that's how becomes a great adversary.

Descripción: El huevo más inteligente de todos y creador de la nuke. Con su gran cerebro es un rival muy difícil de vencer.





Name: Zumy

Description: The most weighed between the heavy-weight!!! If you make annoy this egg you are going to take a strong headache.

Descripción: El más pesado entre los pesos pesados !!! Si haces enojar a este huevo vas a llevarte un fuerte dolor de cabeza.




Name: The Abominable Snowegg

Description: This egg lives at the top of the snow-capped mountains, there are legends about him the but no one has ever seen.

Descripción: Este huevo vive en lo más alto de las montañas nevadas, se cuentan leyendas sobre él pero nadie lo ha visto.



 Name: Scaregg

 Description: If you see this egg … run for your life !!!

 Descripción: Si ves a este huevo… corre por tu vida !!!




 Name: Leo Meggssi

Description: The best soccer player in the world. Enjoy your magic.

Descripción: El mejor jugador de fútbol del mundo. Disfruta su magia.




Name: Egg Badrrari L2013

Description: You want to speed? Rises to the L2013 and flies !!!

Descripción: Quieres velocidad ? Súbete a la L2013 y vuela !!!




Name: Arconeeg

Description: It fell down of a tree some time ago, with his strong dome resists all the blows.

Descripción: Cayó de un árbol hace tiempo, con su fuerte cúpula resiste todos los golpes.




Name: Eggvatar

Description: This monk has the ability to manipulate the elements, by more that you defeat him he will always return.

Descripción: Este monje tiene la habilidad de manipular los elementos, por más que lo derrotes el siempre regresará.


Name: Snorkegg

Description: This egg half fish lives in the deep of the ocean and attacks his adversaries with his powerful cannon of bubbles.

Descripción: Este huevo mitad pez vive en lo profundo del océano y ataca a sus adversarios con su potente cañón de burbujas.


Name: Tin Egg

Description: Made entirely of tin, this egg is extremely strong but has only one weakness: the water!

Descripción: Hecho completamente de hojalata, este huevo es extremádamente fuerte pero tiene una sola debilidad: el agua !





 * I put the descriptions in English and Spanish because I do not speak English well.




 I hope to have more luck this time, greetings !  LaughLaughLaugh                    LEOXENEIZE

8:10 am
March 29, 2013



Fried Egg

posts 6


                                                   EGG NAME: Harry egger

                                                   Description: He can do magic

                                                   MADE BY: vaibhav13

                                                                    THANK YOU

8:12 am
March 29, 2013


Freshman Egg

posts 1


Scary Egg          Scary Egg : This egg is always not that bad.



my in-game username : prateek_cool

10:28 am
March 29, 2013


Freshman Egg

posts 1


 Player username: Mechanicalanimal


Egg name: Gene-egg


Description: This is one pure metal egg with electric vibes! 

12:24 pm
March 29, 2013



Fried Egg

posts 6


 EGG NAME: Pipe egg

`      Description: he can blew wind from his pipe

  MADE BY: vaibhav13

3:17 pm
March 29, 2013


Freshman Egg

posts 1


IGN : IsaSaiko

Name : Hiiro and Hikari

Description : 

1. hiiro he is just normal high schooler and he has a cute girlfriend. (blue)
2. hikari she is just normal high schooler and she is hiiro girlfriend. (pink)

 photo highschoolboys_zpsf823189e.jpg  photo highschoolgirls_zpsfee8ba68.jpg

 photo coollogo_com-257651008_zps8cc1f66f.gif

" Play Hard Go Pro "

3:59 pm
March 29, 2013


Freshman Egg

posts 1


Motorcycle Egg

4:24 pm
March 29, 2013


U.A.E, Sharjah

Freshman Egg

posts 2


View Full Size Image

4:25 pm
March 29, 2013


Freshman Egg

posts 1


egg name:lady eggbert


                                discription: an egg who think she all that

5:25 pm
March 29, 2013

the cooooool guy

Go robbie!Wooo!Go robbie!

Badder than Bad

posts 2646


Theres some very cool eggs here,im getting

Sign by Danasoft – Get Your Sign

Sign by Danasoft – Get Your Sign

5:49 pm
March 29, 2013


land of eggs

Scrambled Egg

posts 56


egg name: winged red devil

Description: Never expect mercy from him

In game user name: rupesh a raj  photo daredevil_zps9a02ec9d.jpg


 photo trophyegg_zps0f1e67c5.jpg

Egg name: Ice cream Egg

Description: Sweet egg but will freeze u in battle

In game user name: rupesh a raj

 photo owlegg_zpsbf5d4242.jpg

Egg name: Owl egg

Description:Never give up will revenge in darks

In game user name: rupesh a raj

 photo HardBoiledEggcopy5_zps100b9d96.png

Egg Name : Indian Egg

Description: Calm and gentle but never forgive to enemies

not for competition. this egg represents our country India

user name : rupesh a raj


 photo angryegg_zpsb6b0ba78.jpg

Egg name: Mr. muscle egg

Description: he will follow you

in game user name: rupesh a raj


 photo fish_zpsb2218240.jpg

Egg name: Fish egg

Description:he can survive in water also

in game user name: rupesh a raj


 photo fearedegg_zps2039b495.jpg

Egg name: Feared egg

Description:u can fear him but cant beat him

in game user name: rupesh a raj


Egg name: The giant egg

Description: Destroy everything on his way

In game user name: rupesh a raj

 photo giantegg_zps0bce9ac6.jpg


 photo limeegg_zpse41041a3.jpg

Egg name: Lime egg

Description: He will make u cooooooooool

In game username: rupesh a raj


 photo redeyedmonsteregg_zps35cfd694.jpg

Egg name: Blood egg

Description: He will bleed u any way

In game user name: rupesh a raj


Egg name: one eye egg

Description: he will haunt u always

in game user name: rupesh a raj


 photo oneeyeegg_zps40c4b182.jpg


 photo tomatoegg_zps60a11771.jpg


Egg name: Happy tomato

Description: always happy with any one

In game user name: rupesh a raj


 photo mangoegg_zps3893512a.jpg

Egg name: mango egg

Description: He will slice you

In game user name: rupesh a raj


Egg name: wheel egg/car  egg

Description: this egg will drive to u and hit u

In game user name: rupesh a raj

 photo caregg_zps0ebe4503.jpg

 photo frong_prince_zpsb4008af0.jpg

Egg name:Frog egg

Description: He will jump to u and defeat u

In game user name: rupesh a raj


 photo bomberegg_zps8bcfeb6f.jpg

Egg name: Bomber egg

Description: He will destroy you

In game user name: rupesh a raj


 photo bumarangegg_zpsae7854a6.jpg

Egg name: boomerang egg

Description: No matter where u r, with the  weapon boomerang he hurts u

In game user name: rupesh a raj


 photo fireevil_zps038193fd.jpg

Egg name: Flamethrower egg

Description: Keep away from him he will burn u otherwise

In game user name: rupesh a raj


Egg name: D-egg-ntist 

Description: he rules the degntal kingdom

In game user name: rupesh a raj


 photo teetheggs_zps8ab3bca5.jpg

Egg name: Micky egg

Description: He is funny but all ways take a win on u

In game user name: rupesh a raj


 photo mickym_zps7aceef34.jpg

Egg name: Ocean Egg

Description: Don't mess with him he washed u away

In game user name: rupesh a raj 

 photo sea_zps8b5eee2b.jpg


Egg name: Alphabet Egg

Description: He will teach you and direct you

In game user name:  rupesh a raj 

 photo alphabetegg_zps5b2b6d6c.jpg


Egg name:coff-toff-eegg

Description :You will become melted by his taste

In game user name: rupesh a raj

 photo 2964426_zpscdbaadfc.gif


Egg name: Cosmos egg

Description: The substance of the egg body, all elements with fire, water, thunder and grass

In game user name: rupesh a raj


 photo 2964515_zps2dc58e4c.gif


Egg name:Tortoisegg

Description: He is slow but he took the win always

In game user name: rupesh a raj

 photo tor_zps48293747.jpg

 photo storm-house_zps47759a78.gif

9:06 pm
March 29, 2013


Freshman Egg

posts 1


User Name: FreakyFreak


Egg Name: Don Eggleone


Say Hello to my lil friend

Description: He's gonna make you an offer you can't refuse.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

 Egg Name: UniEgg


Description: Sweet charming but Her magical horn is deadly.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Egg Name: Pinky


Description: She can kill any egg from her power of non stop talking. :p


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Egg Name: Erik the Egg


Description: Power strategic fighter


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Egg Name: Thor


Description: Thor is a hammer wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, and strength.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Egg Name: Eggvenger


Description: You wanna tell me what this is all about?

                 been spending most of her life livin in the gangstas paradise.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


11:43 pm
March 29, 2013



Freshman Egg

posts 2


Egg Name:Zoom

Description:Watch Out,This Egg May Just Pass You Without You Even Looking!

In-game UserName: ZDiSsZ


Thank You All And Have A Good Day,


Hey Guys :P!

6:33 am
March 30, 2013



Freshman Egg

posts 2




egg name: evil egg

Description:the danger egg with evil mind


egg name:chiking

description: king of eggs and chiks

user name in game:reload

7:05 am
March 30, 2013



Fried Egg

posts 6


  MADE BY: vaibhav13

                                                                  name : Harry egger

                                                                 Description: He can do magic



7:23 am
March 30, 2013


Sunny Side Up

posts 26


 ingame username: sujith

      Eggname: seniordevil

      Desription: He is angry to the egg world..

Ingame username: sujith

Eggname: Shikari(hunter)

Description: Countdown your time, The hunter is here.


Ingame username: sujith

Eggname: smokeregg

Description: His smoke wil make u upset


Ingame user: sujith

Eggname: Juniordevil

Description: Devil with lots of fun

Ingame user: sujith

Eggname: chaplinegg

Description: Laugh Out Loud with him

Ingame user: sujith

Eggname: B&W egg

Description: better than any coloured egg.

7:36 am
March 30, 2013



Fried Egg

posts 6


MADE BY: vaibhav13



10:51 am
March 30, 2013

Angel 123

Fried Egg

posts 9


egg name : brinjal egg

Description : don't try to hurt him or he will vomit on you so be safe

user name : Angel 123

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