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EGG DESIGN COMPETITION: Part 3 | Read the rules and tutorials on how to enter on page 1 before posting


12:21 am
July 28, 2012


Over there, there, there, and there

Sunny Side Up

posts 32


Name: The Grim Reaper (Death) 

Description:He is known as ever eggs worst night mare, he cracks eggs just by touching them, but truly he just wants to be loved!

Username: Lth1219



                                                     Image and video hosting by TinyPic

                                       Grim Reaper: "Good! Good….The eggs will fight and we will determine who lives…." 

                                       Me: "Yes my lord…" 


12:26 am
July 28, 2012


New Zealand

Freshman Egg

posts 2

. Hey guys my name is Stan Siale, and my username in bad eggs is Stans2

saves the world! and kills bad 

people, please ad a sheld in his left side 
of the hand if i win! thank you 
i could do more if i win!
defeats bad guys with his ring!?
please edit a ring in his hand for me
if i win!. 

12:33 am
July 28, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 13


swag egg

is 2 cool for school

sergio5599 i play in


12:39 am
July 28, 2012

kill regard

Bad Egg

posts 238


Image and video hosting by TinyPicImg: kill regard

eggname: Homer simpson egg

Description: Very funny, drinks a lot the duff beer dont mess up with him.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

12:46 am
July 28, 2012



Sunny Side Up

posts 47


Link Of Picture Only-

Name: Mr.Egguiser
Description: He can change into any type of egg.

12:48 am
July 28, 2012

kill regard

Bad Egg

posts 238


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

IMg: kill regard

egg name: egg  in black

DEscription: big men in black fan, dont mess up with him or he will  erase your mind

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

12:53 am
July 28, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 13


name: geek egg

description: knows all techniques and impossible to beat

my name is sergio5599 in where i play bad eggs


1:06 am
July 28, 2012


Freshman Egg

posts 2


username:           killeromelette


Name: The Olympian


Description: Was there from the beginning of all oylmpic games. Very strong and highly skilled in all forms of competition.


possible weapon:throws javelin which can pierce through multiple eggs

1:09 am
July 28, 2012


bad eggs online

Rotten to the Core

posts 862


Birthdegg Clown


The party doesn't start till he walks in


Comes with melee weapon

 party blower

one of those things you blow into and it squeaks and pops out

does 20 damage and skills cant be used for 1 turn if an egg gets hit by it


IGN RomanInMoscow

The many faces of Claus (Mother 3)

1:14 am
July 28, 2012

luis 96


Fried Egg

posts 6



This is my egg, ready to kill anyone who will cross over the road.
THAT comes TNT low 25 damage.
User Name: luis 96
Egg Name: Duenegg
I hope you like

1:21 am
July 28, 2012


Freshman Egg

posts 2


fireboltegg said:

 Captain Thunder Egg

 He will rise and shock any

 villain in his path

1:40 am
July 28, 2012

Farid M.B

Freshman Egg

posts 1


Farid M.B or as everyone calls him 'Wolf Man'.He is on his last TOP SECRET mission. Don't bother running if you are in his way Because you are already DEAD CRACKED!                                                   


Made by user in game: Farid M.BCool    


Farid M.B this time he just couldn't do the mission himself.So he turned himself into the robot station and became a terminator.


Made by user in game: Farid M.BCool

1:41 am
July 28, 2012



Sunny Side Up

posts 44


Hippie egg deadly with a sitar, but not really EGGressive:)

                                                                Aggressive      GOOD LUCK EVERY ONE

*There are No Stupid Questions. But there a LOT of Inquisitive Idiots.

1:47 am
July 28, 2012



Sunny Side Up

posts 28


 Kamikaze Egg: Was always troubled in his life. Grew up to become the nastiest pilot in the world. Doesn't know the meaning of suicide


<img style="margin: 5px; float: left;" src="/forum/competitions/egg-design-competition-part-3/page-10/http:/" alt="" width="160" height="160" />

1:47 am
July 28, 2012


Freshman Egg

posts 2


the Grim Reaper / Devil

1:49 am
July 28, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 12


super hero egg

1:53 am
July 28, 2012


Freshman Egg

posts 1


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Peter P.

He is the egg who will never grown up ( sorry, i'm spanish)

My username is Kratos. :D

1:59 am
July 28, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 3


Venum egg comes to the eggpocalypse to create an army with the eggs to kill spiderman!!

venum egg

2:01 am
July 28, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 12


the sorcerer Egg shadow do fire




*EDIT FROM ADMIN: Well since I drew this egg it clearly ain't your own design.  This kind of cheating is completely unacceptable. As such you are banned from the competition and all further competitions.

2:05 am
July 28, 2012


Freshman Egg

posts 2


this is egg-a-chu my personal Favorite eggamon (Pokemon)






this is my bad eggs account name please pick me Laugh

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