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EGG DESIGN COMPETITION: Part 3 | Read the rules and tutorials on how to enter on page 1 before posting


10:24 pm
July 27, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 11


Name : Egg Flames

Description :   Simply Burning

By:  -qwertasd- 

10:33 pm
July 27, 2012


In Bad Eggs Online

Freshman Egg

posts 1


Nyan Egg

Bad egg account: Pro4gamer

Egg name: Nyan Egg

Message: it had to be done.

Likes to smash eggs, even if there higher rank then me.

Truly a Pro 

10:38 pm
July 27, 2012


Sunny Side Up

posts 28


The clear photo of my egg


10:43 pm
July 27, 2012

Black Dog

Scrambled Egg

posts 62


Submitted by Black Dog (same name in forum and game).

Eggs Name: The Boss

Description: Leader of the infamous Ferreggno family. He'll make you an offer you can't refuse.


Original version:


Bearded version:


Since there are young people here I submit two versions of the egg where he is not smoking.


Original version:


Bearded version:


Name: Rainbow

Description: All about peace and love. Blames the establishment for the Eggpocaylpse wars.


Original version:


Alternate version:


Name: Cowboy Egg

Description: Fastest gun slinger in the egg west. Mortal enemy of Chief Sitting Bull.


Name: Eggquarium

Description: He came from the depths of the sea. A real fish brain.

NOTE: If by chance this one wins the competition the fish inside the egg should swim around if possible.


Name: Eggcognito (Inceggnito is another name I was considering)

Description: Master of disguises. By the time you realize it's him it's already too late.

This is a failed attempt to draw these glasses on an egg.


Name: Black Dog

Description: Legendary egg, said to be an illusion. Appears late at night to weary travelers at the crossroads.


NOTE: This egg is not named after myself because I named myself after the Led Zeppelin song though I find the Black Dog legends fascinating and I made it my avatar because I like it so much. I am also a little unsatisfied with the snout because it's shortness makes the egg resemble a gorilla though the game programers could fix that should they like my design. May also be a cool design for Halloween.


Research for this egg's appearance and description can be found here:…..28ghost%29


Name: Robin Hood

Description: Lives in the forest with his band of merry eggs. High Rollers worst nightmare.

NOTE: Robin Hood is a popular character from literature so there is a good chance someone else has tried a similar idea but I haven't seen one. If so sorry. I really don't want to be one of the cheaters.


Name: Crack

Description: He's aged, warm, and ready to hatch.

NOTE: This is my idea for an egg who cracks as he takes damage. The numbers under the pictures show what he would look like compared to how much health he has. Below in parenthesis is his appearance to health in x2 game mode. You will have to click the image to enlarge it to see what he looks like since it submitted a small thumbnail. Also, in the 10(20) health picture that is his tongue, not blood.


Name: The Hermit

Description: Lives in the hills. Rarely seen by those in civilization.

NOTE: The lines on his robe are suppose to be folds because it's flowing.


Name: Phantom of the Eggpra

Description: Born with a cracked shell, he wears a mask to hide the pain.

NOTE: The mask is really poorly drawn.


Name: Omniegg

Description: The great and mysterious.

NOTE: The stars should twinkle if possible.


Name: Eggsane

Description: He missed the nest when he was laid. Now his yolk is a little scrambled.

NOTE: I made one with broken straps to justify his ability to hold a gun.


Cracked Version:


Name: Odin (Also considering Odegg: Pronounced Ode-Egg)

Description: God of the Viking Eggs. He takes all great Bad Eggs Warriors to Egghalla when they fall in battle.

The blue lines are him covered in lightning bolts.


NOTE: It would be advisable for anyone reading to view some of the artwork depicting Odin if they are not already familiar with this mythological character because I believe this egg is being held back by my artistic shortcomings. Here are a few of many images that influenced my design:…..2-odin.jpg…..5/Odin.jpg



Name: Hover Egg

Description: He comes from the year 2525 where eggs have evolved beyond the need to walk.

NOTE: He is suppose to be floating, not bouncing. :P


Name: Flash

Description: He was dared to see what happens when you swallow a strobe light and jelly beans. He accepted.


Original Version:


Slow Version:


Name: Pixel

Description: The original bad egg. He was kicking butt before all these youngsters and their newfangled third dimension came along.


Name: Mermegg

Description: Laid in the depths of the sea. He has emerged to fight the surface dwelling eggs.

NOTE: That's a starfish on his head. The mouse icon has covered his tail as well so it has to be enlarged.


Name: Pope

Description: He's not really the Egg Pope. He stole the hat. He isn't a bad person he just really likes hats.


Name: Prankster

Description: A real joker. Don't turn your back on this… Hey, what's that behind you?!


Still Version:


Animated Version:


Name: Orb

Description: He had shag carpet installed in his nest, now he's overloading with electrical current.

Original Version:

Slow Version:

NOTE: I was going for an egg version of this:…..llmid2.jpg.

I made the center multiple colors because I thought it would add a little more flavor than just the plain black center.



Name: Egg Zeppelin

Description: Used to be the biggest band in the world until their drummer hatched.

NOTE: I submitted a similar themed design in the last competition but these look totally different. I don't expect (an) egg(s) of a famous person/people to win so I really just submitted this one for fun. Laugh ROCK ON!

10:50 pm
July 27, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 13


name: spy egg

description: unknown exept he is pure evil

my name is sergio5599 i use to play bad eggs i have som wep packs


10:50 pm
July 27, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 11


Name: EggSlash

Description:  There is no way they i'm taking off my top hat  even in the pool.

By: -qwertasd- 

10:55 pm
July 27, 2012

Black Dog

Scrambled Egg

posts 62




Just make sure your submissions are not better than mine. Wink

11:05 pm
July 27, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 13


name: caveman  description: after surviving many years hes back for some scramble eggs (user is sergio5599 in


11:13 pm
July 27, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 13


name- super egg  

description- taste his almighty powers

my user is sergio5599 in i have some we packs and im prestiged


11:17 pm
July 27, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 6


11:22 pm
July 27, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 13


name: pshyco man

description: escaped from prison beat over 80 cops at once

my name is sergio5599 in im prestiged and have som wep packs


11:22 pm
July 27, 2012

kill regard

Bad Egg

posts 238


Image and video hosting by TinyPicImg: killl regard

egg name: sniper assasin 

Descriptiion: HE scaped of prison,  He killed his girlfriend pure evil.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

11:29 pm
July 27, 2012


im 16 :D

Very Bad Egg

posts 484


Image and video hosting by TinyPicname:eggy phoenix            

after 8000 years inside a volcano the phoenix comes to have revange on every egg he sees 


EDIT FROM ADMIN: This egg design was stolen directly from one of our other competitions. This kind of cheating is completely unacceptable. As such you are banned from the competition and all further competitions.

PM me if you want signatures and i will try my best to make them :D     

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic


dragon is red 

bazooka is blue

i like BEO

how about you???? 

11:30 pm
July 27, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 13


name: god egg

description: god of all eggs and best of all

my user is sergio5599 in


11:43 pm
July 27, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 19





11:59 pm
July 27, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 6


Username: Allen77

Name: Heavy Weight

Description: World chapion weight lifter.

12:03 am
July 28, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 19


this is ''BAORT THE PIRATE.''    LOLLaugh

12:03 am
July 28, 2012

OREL 8-)

Poached Egg

posts 81


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

name: the strange avenger


description:he strange then all the eggs when he was a little egg all others annoying him by they call him freak but not anymore he decided kill all the eggs !


Image and video hosting by TinyPic  

you do not kill orel orel kills you !

12:04 am
July 28, 2012



Fried Egg

posts 6


Soy el mas maloCool

12:04 am
July 28, 2012


Colorado, USA

Bad Egg

posts 175


Name: GrizzlyEgg

Description: The most fearful of all eggs. Wanders through the Egg Forest hunting all citizens of Eggtown.

Username on BEO: DukeDude10


"There are no dumb questions, just dumb people." – DukeDude10

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