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Egg Design Competition Part 2: RESULTS


1:54 pm
April 4, 2012




posts 161


Our phenomenally successful design competition concluded at the weekend. We had so many entries we lost count. The standards again were incredibly high. There were loads of awesome and amazing designs and the effort from everyone involved was fantastic. In our eyes, you are all winners. Alas though, I'm afraid we do have to pick our top 3. Its been incredibly hard to judge and we have many favourites, but we've made a decision and here they are. We have also awarded some smaller runners up prizes to some eggs that didn't quite make the cut but we felt deserved some recognition (You won't get your egg in the game but we'll give you some credits anyway)

*Please note a few things before we start:

  • While you may or may not agree with our choices, we are very happy with our winners and our decision is final. So please don't start complaining.
  • We took into account many factors when choosing not just the quality of art but also the concept and how well we thought they would fit in the game.
  • Winners your prize credits have been added to your account. If you don't think they have been added please get in touch and we can see what the problem is.

In each case you can see the original design from our users (left) and then the polished egg that will feature in the game (right):


FIRST PLACE: (Winner receives 500 credits and copy of their egg in the game)
IGN: V3n0m
Egg Name: Venom
Description: This is one egg you don't want for breakfast, he's ready to snake, rattle and roll.



SECOND PLACE: (Winner receives 200 credits and copy of their egg in the game)
IGN: rata536
Egg Name: El Chamino
Description: Blends into its surroundings. Watching. Waiting. Ready. Sneaky. Deadly.


* Admittedly the polished design is a bit different to the original. But we always said that concept was just as important as drawing skills and we absolutely loved the changing colours chameleon idea. Very clever stuff. So we hope you don't mind but we made it look more like a Chameleon, but still true to the original concept. We also loved Rata's hologram egg but it didn't quite match up when made to look small.


THIRD PLACE: (Winner receives 100 credits and copy of their eggs in the game)
Forum username: Dupdidup
Egg Name: The Agaregg
Lives in the deepest and darkest forests of Eggland. Poisonous. Don't try to (b)eat it!



RUNNERS UP PRIZES (In no particular order) (Win 40 credits each)

Troll2: lots of great designs but these Rag Eggs were our favourites.

Grim-Cat: Weird and wonderful award for this heart based theme


LASHA: Grenade Egg. Great concept.

koolaidcool: Tiki Egg. Exotic, original and creative. Clearly designed from scratch which we really like.


egg vader: Chuck Norris Egg. Amazing likeness. Who doesn't love Chuck Norris?

Dyllio (V1P0R): These South Park eggs are really awesome. We'd love to have awarded these a top prize but sadly we can't use these due to copyright infringement.

Bethyrad: Amazing Harry Potter set. Unfortunately as with the ones above we can't use them due to copyright. But have a runners up prize anyway for the awesome effort

elmaster1: Banana Egg. Hahahahaha. This one is just hilarious. And for that we salute you


Once again thanks to everyone who entered. Congratulations to the winners. Commiserations to the losers. Better luck next time.


John and Rob Donkin

Be out friend on facebook

1:58 pm
April 4, 2012


on the forums DERR

Very Bad Egg

posts 469


Well done to every one

2:16 pm
April 4, 2012


Very Bad Egg

posts 328


Congratulations everybody!

3:22 pm
April 4, 2012


Sunny Side Up

posts 34


Congrads Everyone, great designs..:-)


3:27 pm
April 4, 2012

zzmorg82 {уσℓк}

They call me Rambo

Bad to the Yolk

posts 735


Congratz to the winners, I didn't really try hard in the contest because I'm not an artist :P

The liberation of zznation has begun. Join Now!

And support my new idea for beo:…..paid-card/

3:36 pm
April 4, 2012



As Bad as Eggs come!

posts 1745


Congrats to everyone!

PM me if you need anything! Or you can find me at Gamer Clan HQ, SnoopyGamerz, I'm there pretty often.

3:54 pm
April 4, 2012


Bad Egg

posts 162


I won!?


I had a "wait a minute" moment when I logged in to the game a few minutes ago.



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

4:02 pm
April 4, 2012


The higher spheres of Eggland.

Sunny Side Up

posts 36


Yesss! Kiss Thanks for the credits! I enjoy the new weapons Cool

Congrats to everyone. Great ideas and designs!

I do not want to become a moderator in this forum!

I want to become an administrator!

Just kidding.

4:25 pm
April 4, 2012



As Bad as Eggs come!

posts 1745


Lol, congrats Dup and i like your sig…

PM me if you need anything! Or you can find me at Gamer Clan HQ, SnoopyGamerz, I'm there pretty often.

4:48 pm
April 4, 2012



Bad Egg

posts 155


congrats everyone!!


4:49 pm
April 4, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 4


Congrats to the winners they really deserve it. The new shells look awesome!!!

Oh and thanks to john and rob for giving me a runner up price.

The only thing that doesn't change in life, is that things change.

5:44 pm
April 4, 2012

Anubis [Dog]

Dark lord of the Dead

Badass Egg

posts 1347


Oh well, I didn't win Frown

But be warned next competition ill place 1st!

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Be warned of my siggy, Double posters (And triple and Quadruple etc)

Except for people who look like they double, triple, quadruple posted after others delete their posts.

6:34 pm
April 4, 2012


on the forums DERR

Very Bad Egg

posts 469


Hmmm u never know….

7:24 pm
April 4, 2012


My house


posts 1127


Congrats to everyone! These eggs are amazing.

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Champion of the Second Shell-Crushers Tournament!

8:27 pm
April 4, 2012


I am a worm before I am a man.


posts 1573


yesss i like the winner eggs i'll get them :P also thanks for the little prize! im glad to see you like my design too! congrats to winner!


8:58 pm
April 4, 2012



Bad to the Yolk

posts 700


hey thnx to all that won be happy lolz

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9:57 pm
April 4, 2012




posts 671


Haha, awesome eggs. It's funny how much the Agaregg changed, he drew it so well that they hardly changed it :P

Must have been hard to choose, since John mentioned so many other good designs.

Thanks for everyone who entered :)

Zaught –  Fill out this survey of Beo please :]

Neally 300 people have filled out the survey, thank you all! :)

10:05 pm
April 4, 2012


Starnumber 2367

Scrambled Egg

posts 65


Haha, I am a bit of jalous! Congrats to the winners! I am looking forward to the next competition!

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10:55 pm
April 4, 2012


Fried Egg

posts 8


I tried really hard to win but congrats to everyone! 8)    


11:16 pm
April 4, 2012


300 b.c. fighting as a spartan.

Bad to the Yolk

posts 659


^ u tried hard? u kno how many hours I put into it? no wonder i failed 8th grade art. anyways congrats everyone.

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