Poll: Should a guest be able to chat?
Yes they should!
No! Why should they?
I personally don't give a...
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Guests should be allowed to talk!
01-30-2019, 01:00 AM
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Guests should be allowed to talk!
Why can't guests talk anymore and why the new policy is unnecessary:

I've spoken the other day with the Moderator Tenchi about it, I was in an alt account playing with him in a 2v2 and I complained about the problem. I like the challenge of the game, but sometimes my weapons and friendships get in the way of that process and I feel as if I'm not playing fairly with others and that I can't really get better, like I'm loosing touch of the difficulties that others face when facing me in game.
I have always played as a guest, it was always a fun way of humbling myself and playing with lower levels without it being too unfair, plus I got to show off skills at a level 1 which was always something to talk about (:
I personally was not disrespectful in the game, at least I don't believe I was but I've seen a lot of guests that trolled heavily and some people were more suggestible to it than others, as it is the case for any cyber-bullying. Other than that, of course the anonymity of guest accounts is something that will always attract bad people to be cowardly and take advantage of it for nefarious purposes, that's just how the internet works in general. But is that a valid reason to mute all guests? What is accomplished by taking the voice of potential new players who might have doubts and of old players such as myself that simply wish to play with a low level account without having to waste a username?
There have been already well established ways to stop a troll, such as muting them and reporting them, but guests don't even have to be reported because you may choose to place post rep only as a filter... So what exactly is worn by muting guests? Who profits from it?
Well, I'm of the opinion that censoring players for no other reason other than being guests to the game is never a proper way of dealing with the problems facing the anonymity and troll behaviour of guests and I would argue the policy should be abandoned as soon as possible!I've spoken to many players who have complained too, they too play as guest sometimes and now when they have a bad team, for example, they can't even try to help their teammate. When they get a nice shot, they can be congratulated, but never give any feedback...This is not right, they have done nothing wrong! If someone doesn't want to read what another writes, they mute that player and it's done and if you don't want to risk having guests in your game then select Post Rep Only on the game settings and be amazed by the lack of hacked accounts (which ARE ACTUALLY a problem) and guests that join .
What does the community think? Does this make sense or do you have any more ideas about it?
I do believe this should be an open discussion with the players of the game and not a unilateral decision of moderators.
Best Regards,

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01-30-2019, 04:58 PM (This post was last modified: 01-30-2019 06:37 PM by tenchi.)
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RE: Guests should be allowed to talk!
Before implementing the change, the Donkins and I did consult on this subject before they decided on a course of action. Before continuing, I will say that this was something they had considered before my input was given.

The reasons for guests not being able to chat far outnumber the reasons that they should be allowed to do so. Saying this, I'll start with the pros of chat:
1. The ability to chat as a guest could build friendships and encourage new players to join.
Yes, this is true. One of the great things about internet games is the ability to meet new people and learn about different places/cultures from them.
2. You can hone your skills on base weapons and then explain to people how you managed to do that.
Again, true enough. Just like the sharing of cultures and opinions/beliefs, games like BEO thrive on the sharing of information and game knowledge. If you don't believe me, just look at how quickly the secrets were discovered and then shared within the different clans and groups of friends.

And now for the inevitable counterpoints:
1. Chat is a privilege and a perk, but not a right.
As I mentioned above, this was something that I did not do myself as I don't have access to the code to make the changes. That chat is a perk for people who signed up and registered accounts is something that the Donkins had already thought of, themselves. For the rest of this, it actually leads into my next point.
2. The anonymity of a guest account will usually bring out the worst in people.
This is coming from experience, and initially why I brought it up to the devs in the first place (they'd already been considering no guest chat before I said anything, just to remind everyone). While there were guests who are pleasant, many more (from both before and after I became a mod) were not. Most would swear when they missed shots, quickly followed by a rage quit, or they would be abusive towards their teammates/opponents. Still others would take it further to the point of NEEDING their chats removed, which brings me to the third point.
3. It makes the game harder to moderate.
Imagine you're the moderator(s) now. You have a guest who's in serious need of having their chat disabled, so you do it. They leave and in 2 minutes, they're back with another guest account and everything starts all over again. It becomes an endless cycle and you spend all your time on that one person that 5 others may not be reprimanded/punished.
4. We have practice mode.
The whole point of practice mode is to improve your skills, work on the trick shots and learn about the game so that you can share your accomplishments with everyone else. If you only want the unlockable weapons, you can also turn off the packs so that they don't show up (other than stash weapons).
5. There's a discord and numerous clan chats and websites with their own chats (such as kong).
With so many chatting options it's hard to justify guest chats when we can always invite them to these other options and encourage them to sign up for an account.

Now for the other issues:
Hacked accounts-
While it's possible to hack an account, there's no real point to it since everything can be earned in game by just playing. Even the shells and packs could be earned when the holiday events were still running. It's more likely that there are SHARED accounts that need to be dealt with. In either case, you can always get the proof (video for hacking and legitimate log-in info for shared) and send it to the Donkins. Rob and John are the only people who can ban game accounts. If people don't send them (either here or discord), then nothing can be done.

Reporting players-
This has always been an option, but it's largely ineffective as nothing happens to a 10 rep player who goes to 5 in the matter of a few seconds, even if it's deserved. What's more often the case is that someone has a grudge or doesn't like a player, reports them and then leaves right away. I've seen this happen more often than a player being reported for actual reasons.

Level advantages/disadvantages-
To this, I only have 1 thing to say: "Level is just a number. Anyone can be beaten at any time on any given day." This has always been a fact and the only thing that keeps people from being beaten is RNG for weapon loadout and familiarity with the map and settings. People will always play settings that favor them and that can't be helped.

I'm glad this was mentioned because it is a problem for all, not just guests. As you yourself stated, bama, you can mute the chat. There's no reason for it other than to make yourself feel good because others are putting you down. I strongly encourage this for everyone as guests are also able to mute people who are being abusive/rude/racist in game.

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01-30-2019, 06:43 PM (This post was last modified: 01-30-2019 06:47 PM by left2burn.)
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RE: Guests should be allowed to talk!
Bama...you really think the Donkins are going to make a change in this game? They haven't touched it in like 2 years. We don't even get holiday creds anymore...

I can't believe I even responded to your remarks...
Sometimes I've even waited a half hour for a 2v2 match...longer when pos rep is on...........

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01-31-2019, 12:33 PM
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RE: Guests should be allowed to talk!
Tenchi, great to speak to you again (:
Thank you for your important contribution, as always, it is extreamely helpful to all of us to expand on the idea that the game has both the players and the staffers prespective to be upheld and your experience will no doubt help bring these questions to rest .
Just some importante notes, what I have called "Hacked accounts" are infact just -rep troll accounts I encounter... I'm afraid I am not able to ask them if they were indeed hacked or just shared their password, but for all intents and perposes it is the same : the rightful owner of that account, by means of deception more often than not, was cheated out of his own account and silenced by the rep system.
I also think it's imporant to note that not everyone is familiar with those other options (like me for example) and some people just feel comfortable using the interface already set in place by the game developers... I hate 3rd party needs, specially when I don't need it.
Of course I am of the oppinion that level does not matter all that much, that's why I play as guest. But low level players have challanges that us high rank players don't face anymore, that's just a fact.
Practice mode is not the answer... For as interactive as it may be, it is not the same as having an opponent in front of you. Few things can surprise you as much as another human being can .
I would like to double down on that remark as well, guests can and should mute players who are disrespectful to them for they have as much right of being there as anyone else! It works the same way it would in a normal account.
Finally, ye left2burn it's true the game is beggining to feel a bit empty. I've personally never waited 30 minutes to play a 2v2, I would just make a 1v1 or try to invite someone but then again, most of my old friends are retired...
I guess we have been here for a while now and it gets old, I only need to buy 1 more shell to make my collection and I never get to play on the holidays so I never get the credits, I do belive they advertised 25 credits on January 21st or something... Don't quote me on that, someone will know the date fs. I'm happy you did respond to them and that you felt like sharing your personal frostration with the game, thank you for the contribution it was much appreciated (:
Sorry for the messy reply but I had an exam today and it's 2:30 am, I am exhausted .

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04-03-2019, 03:51 AM
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RE: Guests should be allowed to talk!
if guests could talk then often (too often) i'd bash (when i play as guest) my teammates so hard that they would remember it for a long time.
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04-15-2019, 02:18 AM
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RE: Guests should be allowed to talk!
Well, I can't play as guest anymore and chat but we can always just create 10000000 smurf accs as I've done over time ...

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04-15-2019, 08:16 AM
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RE: Guests should be allowed to talk!
It's sadly true, but Left2burn is right.

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04-23-2019, 05:11 PM
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RE: Guests should be allowed to talk!
pos rep matches are total killers due those can take long to fill especially if its 3 vs 3 or all 6 vs eachother (and some wanted bigger matches in past).
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