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A long forum post that doesn't really matter.
06-27-2018, 02:33 AM
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A long forum post that doesn't really matter.
Most people need a reasonable amount of human contact. Friendships are one of the most important forms of human interaction. For some people, those close bonds with other humans are easier to create than for other people. You might want to create friendships with people who you find to enjoy, but again, for most people, it’s not as easy as it sounds. A lot of times people aren’t lucky enough to have someone initiate the first few steps to becoming acquaintances with you, let alone friends. Which is why for some people, the internet might seem a more enticing option. But in the end, when you don’t return with the results you once anticipated, you might feel a bit disappointed and a tinge of regret that you even so much as tried.

Online friendships might seem nice and easy. You don’t have to escape your comfort zone much at all, and there are so many people that are all very available for you to converse with. But most friendships online don’t last. There are reasons that they don’t last that are the same reasons as all the ended friendships that people experience in the real world. They might move on, forget about you. It might be something you said, or something they said that ended it with a loud, frustrating, and rage inducing crash. It could be a slow, and long drawn out end. The rotting of it feeling more and more like a weight getting heavier with one or both people feeling increasingly tired and drained out with the other person. But with the internet, people tend to move on, and end things faster than the real world. You could be with a community for almost 6 years, and still have no real friends, if any out of it. It can be a real bummer that somehow everyone you’ve ever interacted with in the same community for a span of 6 years turned out to all of it being absolutely nothing at the end of it.

The state of being that consumes some people is quite sad. You can feel so crippled of any self-worth by being in a state of loneliness that seems to consume the life from your quickly tiresome self. A dark pit that eats away at you as you find less and less days where you feel even the ounce of happiness, and hope that one day you won’t be alone anymore. But even how dreary your life in the world seems. The fog that clouds your being, and the aching pain you feel mentally and physically, and how utterly useless and broken that you feel, you always recover and get better.

Meaningful friendships amongst people are valuable. If someone would have to choose having the chance at an online friendship vs a real life friendship, they should choose the latter.

I know I’m basically just shoveling words into a pit in the ground at this point. But I felt a need to blabble about it regardless.

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