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Broken Ground beta discussion.
08-26-2018, 03:41 PM
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RE: Broken Ground beta discussion.
The Donkins never re-branded anything, the studio has always been called BadViking. What they did do is create a game that is similar in design to their BEO games (not unlike many other studios, both large and small). The game being available on Steam is, in itself, not a bad idea. Many people use steam or similar game purchasing/playing apps and sites every day. The greatest fault that we could possibly mention is making it SOLELY available on Steam. Games with multiple platform releases always meet with more success (Call of Duty, for example) than games that are platform specific. Of course there are exceptions to that, but in general terms, single platform releases only reach a limited number of potential players.
The browser versions of BEO and BEO2 were able to become popular because of the mass availability and access to the main site, Kongregate, Armor Games and others. With BEO2, they introduced the mobile version and were able to reach that many more people. At the time, and still to this day, we lamented that players don't interact with people on the other websites or mobile. The lack of server/player integration means that there could be multiple people using the name "Sensei01" at the same time (just to use a retired player as my example), something that also ended up causing problems as the game grew and more trolls started appearing.
The ability or inability to jump in a game makes no difference, it's the availability of and to players that determines whether a game will ultimately succeed or fail. This in turn means that, when a game has no players or doesn't show continued growth, it becomes a "failure" and results in less frequent updates. However, that does not mean that everything has stopped on a development front. I'm sure that the Donkins have already considered what I just mentioned, and that leads to the next step: a solution.
The appearance of no updates doesn't mean that a game has died. Instead, it could mean that the developers (of any game) could be working on a major update/overhaul of the game. In this case, that update/overhaul could be the long desired integration of multiple platforms as well as cross-platform matches. By including Steam players into the already established BV playerbase, the potential for a success grows by an infinite amount. At the same time, including the cross-platform matches so that we can play against mobile, Steam and the different websites players, the community grows and allows even greater growth potential and continued game activity for a number of years to come.
Naturally, this is all speculation on my part, but I do believe that they are working on a way to allow the browser-based and mobile-based players to also freely and easily access BG. They are rather secretive and have therefore not said anything publicly on the subject or privately with myself or anyone else who may be considered as a potential moderator. So I ask that the above not be taken out of context and read as me knowing what the Donkins are doing right now in terms of BG or BEO. I am just a simple player, same as everyone else.

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