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Weapon shop
08-24-2016, 03:42 PM
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RE: Weapon shop
It's obviously perfectly possible to use packs and still have fun. It's obviously also possible to use packs and be skilled.
You can also get some packs without paying, if you play for long enough; that's how I got the one pack I do have (from the free credit giveaways). In some countries, surveys are also available for some extra free credits.

It's a fact that pack weapons are stronger than free weapons. It's a fact that you're gaining an advantage from payment rather than skill if you pay for stronger weapons. This doesn't mean that everyone who pays for weapons is a hopeless noob who can't win a single game otherwise, or that you can't have fun and play with someone who pays for weapons.

It would be nice if the people who do buy weapon packs acknowledged the simple fact that they are gaining an (unfair, to some extent) advantage over the ones who don't, instead of trying to talk their way out of it by offering excuses. Seeing the classic "if nobody pays the game dies" excuse in multiple forms gets old quick, and the truth is, it's simply not an argument at all: regardless of the truthfulness of that phrase, that doesn't deny that paid weapons do put the paying player in a position of advantage.

Nevertheless, it would also be nice if people stopped being rude against paying players just because they pay. Many (and I'd dare say, most) paying players aren't rude and annoying about the fact that they pay; they are just trying to play the game and have fun. It's rare to have more than one paying player per open game; if you're opposing a paying player and the game isn't 1v1, you can always just target that player first. It's always annoying to lose a few matches to someone who has weapons that can kill you in three turns (at 100 HP, which is very rare for a non-paying player to do, but is quite common for people with lots of packs), but you always have the option to leave the room if you don't want to play against that person. You don't need to be rude and overall bad to them. And moreover, you definitely should not report them, which some people sadly do.

Summarizing, paying players should just accept that the game is to an extent pay-to-win and they are paying to get a better chance at winning, and non-paying players should just accept that the game is that way and that they can always leave games they don't want to be in instead of being rude to others for no good reason.


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08-25-2016, 12:30 AM
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RE: Weapon shop
Its just the same with non playing players as they will just always team up on said player for choosing to use packs also being rude to said player for even wanting to use packs and just as you put it if players don't like being in a game with a Pay2win player they can always leave
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