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New weapon shell idea!
06-06-2016, 02:43 AM
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Lightbulb New weapon shell idea!
Bad Viking, why dont you add master Yoda for a new shell? If you add master Yoda as a shell in BEO2, please make him give you an extra weapon, a lightsaber.
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06-06-2016, 02:56 AM
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RE: New weapon shell idea!
Suggesting pre-existing characters from comics, tv, books and movies? Please take a look at these previously made suggestions:

Don't want to click the links? Let me provide one of the more detailed posts I made regarding this subject (taken from page 2 of the last thread linked):

Now on to the subject of Kratos (and Pokemon, Dr Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc). These kinds of characters are owned by specific individuals and are copyrighted to their franchises. There have been games that imitated characters from several games/movies and in each case, the people who have the rights to the character/likeness have pursued legal action and won the cases. In order for shells like Kratos to be added, Rob and John would need to contact the GoW publishers/developers and obtain permission for usage. This is highly unlikely to be granted because the respective companies (for any character like Kratos or Pikachu) would want some sort of monetary compensation. Although BEO does generate some profits, it wouldn't be nearly enough to afford the licensing rights for the copyrighted characters.

[Image: Tenchi2_zps0626348d.png]
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