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Pointed Tipped Rocket (Increase Damage Please)
12-22-2013, 12:05 AM (This post was last modified: 12-24-2013 10:01 PM by Meir.)
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RE: Pointed Tipped Rocket (Increase Damage Please)
(12-17-2013 08:53 AM)Sonicthekid Wrote:  Pack 3:

All the Kings Men: Still less damage than Triple X, but since it works as a driller, it's pretty OP.

Blunder Bouncer: Very hard to use without hurting yourself, once again, only useful in specific situations. Point blank and shoot, and you'll end up taking more damage then your foe.

Driller: Broken weapon. Players can easily jump out of the hole it creates. Even if you play without jumping, the hole is big, and it only does about 15 damage (30 max, but on flat ground only). Not overpowered.

Falling Elephants: Only half overpowered. You could do 54 damage max (I've done it. ONCE) but you could also do 15. You're likely to do over 30, so yes, OP.

Flamethrower: (about) 30 damage over 4 turns. Not OP.

I agree with everything you have said about the weapon packs except one thing: pack 3. I got pack 1 (pro) and pack 3 and I don't use pack 1, it's bad.
Now i'm talking about a game that the setting in it is no jump (only speed eggs).

All the Kings Men: Good weapon, does 35 damage and also drills your enemy.

Blunder Bouncer: You can do full damage (37) only in specific situations but still it's good weapon, in straight shoot you can do 25-29 damage easily.

Driller: I see the driller as very effective weapon against players who got strong close range weapons. sometimes I'm going to lose, I use the driller and it does 15-25 damage (and the enemy get stuck), then he uses grenade or other weak weapon because he's stuck and I win the game.

Falling Elephants: Great weapon, my favorite in the pack. 90% of the time I do over 40 damage with this weapon, and many times I did 50-54 (with bouncy walls when the enemy is close to it), or just with big explosions and a bit luck with the elephants spread.

Flamethrower: Nice weapon, useful when you're stuck in dirt or when your enemy is stuck in dirt and skipping his turns. also useful when 2 or 3 enemys are close to each other, it's fire range is long so even if they aren't so close you still can hit them both. it does 35 damage only in certain situations, but still does 25-30 easily.
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