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Romeo Screens
08-15-2015, 06:54 AM
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RE: Romeo Screens
Just goes to show, prestige players are more likely to not be as good as the lower level players. In my time of being in the game, I can confirm with prove that when I have "vs" players above my level/prestige (when I was a lower level player) I somehow would win.

This may seem slightly off, but even I would admit I am not the best 6th prestige player in the game but I am certainly not the worst. Loving this game so much I couldn't care less If i lost. I have played with some members who....

Sensei was one of the first of best players I ever played with in beo. I know how people say "nobody" is the best. But when he played with me he even said I was on the first lower level players to not "rage quit" or something along those lines.

To get back to topic, great game it seemed. Maybe we could play sometime. I know the above really wasn't a "reply" to your thread but It seemed a good time to explain. Good game anyway Smiley_ThumbsUp

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