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mobile app bugs official thread
12-25-2014, 07:48 AM
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RE: mobile app bugs official thread
also u can connect ur bad eggs online to facebook on mobile and not on the website wich is very sad to me since now I cant play on my level 83 acc that I played on my mobile on the website since I used the facebook. also sad since I seen other mobile account able to go from the mobile to the website not the facebook ones though Smiley_SadI really need help since I spent 20 dollars on my mobile bad eggs online 2 acc that should of ben able to go to the website but I coudnt because the website u cant log in threw the facebook from my knolege !! Smiley_Sad I need help from people Idk wat to do ! Smiley_Sad help ? Smiley_Sad

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