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House Rules
10-18-2013, 09:27 AM (This post was last modified: 09-10-2016 01:50 AM by tenchi.)
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Exclamation House Rules
We have a few house rules for new forum users to be aware of. These are for everyone's benefit to help keep things civil and under control.
Please ensure you have read and understood these before posting. Keep to them and you'll fit right in.

Also, please note that this forum uses different software to the BEO1 forum so you will need to re-register to post here. Eventually this will replace the old forum out right, which will be archived as read only for reference purposes.

– We are all equals here. Each and every member on this forum has a right to be treated with dignity and respect, any actions which contravene this will result in severe consequences.
– Personal attacks of any kind will be treated seriously. Bullying can take many forms and we will not allow it on our forum. Ask yourself before posting "If I read something like this about myself would I be upset?" If the answer is yes then don't post.

2) No inappropriate content.
- We have strict boundaries about what can and can't be posted in this forum, which includes any content deemed by us as not fit to be displayed on this website.

Inappropriate content includes but is not limited to that which is:
Vulgar or graphic
Of pornographic nature
Offensive in nature
Hateful or Threatening
Sexually oriented
Invasive of a person’s privacy

2.1 No swearing
- Swearing is inappropriate. Please keep it clean.

2.2 No plagiarism
- Creating content and valuable posts are great! There's nothing we love more, taking this content and using it without their permission however will not be tolerated.

3) Post Correctly
Please keep the forum operating smoothly by adhering to the following:
- Post in the correct forum/sub forum
- No duplicate posts or threads (use the search function to check if a particular topic exists before posting)
- No double posting (use the edit option)
- No grave digging (bumping old threads without good reason)
- No bypassing the character limit (posts should be kept to a reasonable quality)
- Stay on topic
- Do not type in all CAPS
- Do not post affiliate links

3.1) No Spam or irrelevant advertising
- Spam: short, pointless one word replies that add nothing to the discussion
- Irrelevant advertising: promotion of products or services that are not related to the topic

4) Profile Restrictions
  • Maximum dimensions are 100x1050 pixels
  • Maximum 3 lines of text
  • No referral/affiliate links
  • Maximum dimensions are 100x100 pixels, with a maximum size of 10kb
Personal Information: By default your email will remain hidden. If you choose to disclose this or any other personal information, you do so at your own risk. Sharing login details for the game or forum is strictly prohibited.

5) Misc
- Multiple Forum accounts belonging to the same person are not permitted.
- Any attempt to mimic other users by signing up with a similar username is strictly forbidden
- Anyone abusing the reputation system will have their ability to leave reputation revoked immediately, permanently and without warning and may risk losing their account.
- Moderators: We currently have three moderators on the forum. These are Grim-Cat, Mageg(g) and Tenchi. They are there to help things run smoothly and help out where necessary. If you are kind to them they are more than willing to help.Additional moderators may be appointed by us when required and by invitation only.

That's it (for now). We may change the rules as time goes on, if we've forgotten anything important. Most importantly have fun.

If you're feeling nice, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter so we can keep you up to date with things we're up to.
John & Rob Smiley_Viking

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