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Spread the word, MAGEG IS IN THE WRONG
10-20-2014, 11:22 AM (This post was last modified: 10-20-2014 11:24 PM by Mageg.)
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RE: Spread the word, MAGEG IS IN THE WRONG
Egactly, as I have explained to you via PM and on your thread, you are advertising affiliate links.
These sort of pyramid scheme-like websites are not supported by us, thousands of these websites exist for the purpose of incising users with "free" deals where you are in actual fact putting yourself at risk. You advertising an affiliate link allows you to profit off of other members that use the code mentioned, this is not the incentive that we want behind credits.

As I said in the PM, if this website works for you then you're welcome to use it, we're not saying it's an offence to obtain credits this way. However, the method is unsupported by BEO, the last thing we want is hundreds of affiliate links popping up (potentially attracting spam bots) and for users to be downloading potentially malicious software.

We have these rules to protect our users, not to halt your ability to get free credits.

Edit: Yes, you are correct that it isn't specifically stated in the rules, it should have been in there and I will sort this out asap to clear up any confusion. However, you ignored the locking of your original thread and the PM explaining why it was closed as well as re-making the thread yet asking users to PM you instead.

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