Poll: do you want to have your ignore lists completely invisible?
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yes, i do not want to see them at all. 50.00% 2 50.00%
no, since i believe that someday they can be out of my ignore list. 50.00% 2 50.00%
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pls upgrade/update ignore list if possible. ty
09-28-2014, 09:08 AM
Post: #11
RE: pls upgrade/update ignore list if possible. ty
(09-28-2014 08:40 AM)Seshomaru Wrote:  Just want to start off by saying that I really liked your description; "the annoying bugging and growing cancer bug."
Was pretty funny to me.

Anyway, I can see how this would be useful, but due to the issues it can also cause (like removing a lot of context and possible information in a discussion), I'd rather this be optional addition when ignoring someone.
Since maybe when ignoring someone you might not mind seeing their posts on the forum, you just don't want them to be able to contact you.

^ sounds about right to me.

I'll point out that, if you want a forum change, you should probably look for a myBB plugin that does what you like, though. There's no way to change the forum without installing and/or making a plugin.

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