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05-30-2014, 02:06 AM (This post was last modified: 05-30-2014 02:27 AM by Nono.)
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Lightbulb Clans
Hello player of BEO2,

Ideas about clans have expressed so many times but nothing is going on. I would like to help this game on what to do with clans. Also I wanted to write this post here but I thought new post would be better.


To begin with I suppose that in the game there should be a leaderboard of clans, even if it is together with Wins, Kills or XP. There you can see the clan's short name, the clan's full name, the level of clan and its XP. The clans that will appear there willl be the top 100 as the players' leaderboard.The criteria for it will be only the XP, not with kills or wins. (Also, there can be a clan symbol that would appear next to the name as the players' leaderboard). There would be no rewards for being top, just you will feel happy and proud of your clan.

Clan Function
What is more, there should be a function to click that will show you the clan name, short name and its members. (There, if you want, you can see the clan symbol too). With that, the clans would be more officially made and there would be no fake-members. With these mentioned above, there can be a clan description. Moreover, there will be a small box that will tell you if you want other players send you applications for joining your clan.(Also there can be a function in clan that you can promote clan members from simple members to other positions). Finally, above it will be added a XP meter showing the level/prestige of the clan.
The levels of the clan will be:
Level 1:100.000 XP to level up
Level 2:+110.000 XP to level up
Level 3:+120.000 XP to level up
Level 4:+130.000 XP to level up
Level 5:+140.000 XP to level up
It will go on like that and there will be 5 different Prestige levels for the clan too. The following will be removed when I find how many XP is needed for 1star Prestige. Sorry!

How to make or join a clan?
It would be simple. When you click the clan function button and you have no clan, there will appear a box which will says you ''Create Clan'' and under it ''Join clan''.
When you click ''Create Clan'', in a box it will ask you to type the clan's full name, the clans short name and description. Creating clan would be free only once because after creating a clan once, you will need some credits to do another one ( I added this so the creators can benefit from it).
When you click ''Join Clan'', automatically a box will pop up. Of course it won't have all the clans that exist. There will be a search button in which you have to type the clan's full or short name. Then you can see the clan's description members and if you want apply to join. Only the clan leader can accept applications. Then you have to wait till he/she accepts the application.

Where will the the button be?
Leaderboard of clans

P.S: If I wasn't clear at my post, please tell me so I can explain it with pictures!
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05-30-2014, 06:23 AM
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RE: Clans
It all may sound good, but there's a few flaws. With the leaderboard and the creation, that would require an entire system devoted to logging clan names, keeping track of numbers of members, adding functions for leaders to add/kick people, etc. With the leveling of clans, you would need to add some sort of ability to donate credits (which EVERYONE would hate) or come up with a battle system to gain experience. That means that people have to be on to play together to get the most experience possible (more people means more total experience awarded) and that limits the geographic area of players in your clan (not everyone can be on at 5:00PM Eastern US time if the other people in your clan are in Germany, Japan, etc.). If you didn't want to create that system, then you would need to take a percentage of each player's individual EXP gain and put it towards the clan. You can't deduct it from them because they earned every last point. On the other hand, if you do it as an "add-on", then you're double awarding the experience, which also doesn't work.

With the exception of the leveling, this has all been suggested before and shot down for many of the reasons above. The leveling itself sounds good, but figuring out how to put it in the game becomes very confusing and much harder than leaving it out. All-in-all, you thought this out pretty well..it just wouldn't be the easiest thing to put in the game.

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05-30-2014, 06:38 PM
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RE: Clans
Thanks for your reply.
I didn't mentioned my idea (that has been mentioned many times) for myself. I mean I didn't suggested it so I can be satisfied. The main reason everyone suggest ideas, is for improving the game.
The BEO2 will be mostly benefit from this because its purpose ( as any other game) is earning money. I would have no problem if this isn't added to the game. I mentioned it for the BEO2, not only for me and other players.
If you think that this is going to collect more money, it would be nice and you may add it. The decision is up to the creators!
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