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A New Leader
05-21-2014, 04:09 AM
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RE: A New Leader
you forgot A2Z2. lol.
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05-21-2014, 04:11 AM
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RE: A New Leader
Oh yeah,he became n°1 too! My apologies D:

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05-21-2014, 04:46 AM (This post was last modified: 05-21-2014 07:49 AM by Mageg.)
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RE: A New Leader
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05-21-2014, 06:30 AM
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RE: A New Leader
congratz Chris! you deserve it mate! btw traf i was number 1 for a day too Smiley_Wink

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05-22-2014, 02:02 AM
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RE: A New Leader
Congratz Chris. I never saw you on game but good luck, you deserve it mate!
(I want Sensei number 1 actually lol, my Sensei Smiley_XD!)

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05-22-2014, 04:18 AM
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RE: A New Leader
Ansolutely no. Chris must stay there. (or my ananas flavoured shell will hit him :3)

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05-22-2014, 05:55 AM (This post was last modified: 05-22-2014 06:02 AM by Echo (L93).)
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RE: A New Leader
Well, I never knew I'd actually ever get this far from when I began guesting and eventually making a profile in late 2011 early 2012 on BEO1.

I never had any thoughts that I'd ever reach anything, and just played for fun. Played with friends from school and chilled with them on nights when we were bored. As I began to play more I noticed that I increasingly got better, in which made me begin to wonder,

Can I go farther?

I didn't believe so until a 3v3 I played with amoung very high level players. (In comparison to me). 3 5th prestiges and a 4th prestige in a June 2012 game. I do not remember two of them, But I know one was Fabian, while the other was Robbiecool.

Without much wisdom compared to them in my weaponry, and me being a non-pro member, I was able to pull off 280 / 600 health points from the rivalry team and pulled the victory for my team. (Fabian and a 4th prestige). For a non-pro that was pretty good to me, infact, the greatest game I had.

From that point on I decided,

It is possible to go farther.

All you need is confidence, the willingness to learn, and time.

All of these factors were present in me at that time, and I began to make and pursue annual goals for myself.

Confidence: If you are in confident from the first turn, you have an automatic 87% chance of losing. Not 85, not 90, 87.

Learn: If you think you learn the weapons, you can always go into more depth for each and every single weapon. Guest weapons are never bad to have, infact they can be a terrorist to the battlefield.

Time: We all need time to pursue a goal, create inspiration for ourselves and learn the technique of the game. (And this isn't a face to face combat game, I mean learn from all ways possible).

I'll be the first to admit that I try to make the game as hard as possible for me and give myself a challenge that others I have seen do not impose. I have really carried this onto BEO2.

I have not seen a user before play with ceilings normally. Is this because DFA's, Elephants and air strikes can be a major asset to the game? They can be, but I would rather take my time using the other weapons to good use, instead of taking the easy way out. Sure I disable ceiling sometimes, but that's because if I join games without ceilings, (All the time) I do need to know how to use them!

I love challenges, and I am always up for them. I make my game different to challenge the player from the normal pro modes they see. Half the time people in my game say "No bouncy walls?". All I can say is no, because I adore the challenge to keep all shots within the map.

With all of that said, I was able to make it to #6 on the BEO1 leaderboard within 5-6 months of joining it. Which made me pretty happy that I could achieve as much as I did, because a year or so before, (June 2012) I was thinking to get level 80 would be the happiest day of my life.

I still have not pursued my last goal on BEO1 yet, and I may go back there for a few weeks to fulfill that. Though BEO2 is out, BEO1 is special in it's own ways.

As for BEO2

I started into the leaderboard late, I do admit. I began playing in December from level 76, and again I am thankful. I have improved on BEO2 from that time and I have been able to pull off stunts that I thought were impossible. You'll see me miss alot more than I used to here, and that's just because I always bite the timer, and take 2 - 5 seconds on 30 second turns, and it has become a problem that I wish to fix in the future. We all have our flaw, and this one is mine.

To reach first to me was unheard of in both games. (I will not go into details over why for each one). And though it is just a number, I am happy that I could make it up to the top of one of the leaderboards. However, I will never think I am number 1 because there will always be someone out there who can beat you, you just have to keep up with them. Some players are legends, and I will admit, I am only a player with the willing to learn, and not a legend. (In my eyes).

I will try my best to keep this placement. I notice many people vote for SenSei to be #1. If History repeats itself, he can try his best. But the fight will be not a clean one. May all of the cannons aim at the drive to war in quest for who will be in the top. We can call it, The Second Cold War, for the arsenal is strong. I will not show any prejudice towards him and I hope he will not towards me. This is a friendly battle, and I want no one to be in trouble.

For anyone who was there for me for whatever reason:

I cannot thank you enough for your constant help or assistance. I have been having a rough few years and all the support is accepted.

People who I have rarely met:

I am a very open person, and I am willing to meet each and every one of you, and play a few games time to time. I will be here for awhile.

Shoutout to my friends and companions! (From the very beginning) (I know this post is VERY long) (I apologize if anyone isn't included, again, LONG post.)

My friends: For showing me this game way back in 2011, playing it and having a really nice time.

The various people who played in the June 3v3: Couldn't of had the confidence without those results.

Super Rewards: (I know this isn't an individual or group of friends) For awarding me over 4000 combined credits from offers for my hard work. (You're the best site ever!)

My friend from school: For showing and allowing me to test his weapon packs. (BEO1) (Before I began to receive mine)

Perdio: Seriously a great friend and the first one in this game that I had. played with him many hours a day and had many laughs, and great times, I will always remember him as he is not online as much anymore. And if you ever read this, Jafer es Jod ajajaja!

Nano87, Leoxeneize, GoBlue: Great companions from BEO1, played with P, had a great time with you guys. Can't thank you enough for playing with me and showing me some pretty epic stunts!

TrafalgarLaw1996, Crocovip88, Rigmatz, Melissa2, and Mazzy45:

Met you all on the same day, 3v3 Military map. I joined and left alot before then, but I remember when Traf said, "Why do you even come in here L?" And that's where it all began. Great friends still to this very day, and I hope we can see each other more often in the summer to come Smiley_Smile.

Tenchi, Slavenlee, Akozak, Vexis

Great buds to play with back in the day. And they are still epic people to hang and play with in this day as well! You guys are always so funny and awesome to be with! I wanted those days to never end and I hope they do never end on this game too!
KUND: Nice guy, had more weapons than me and I was totally jealous!

UltimateProBoss or Your_God: Dunno where you went man, but you're sure one hell of a good player! able to pull tricky shots from anywhere on the map regardless of situation. Great to chat with and was an inspiration for me to get some of the weapons he had!

Peter: For being so open to me when we met. We had many good times together and I hope we can continue to have a great relationship! Introduced me to Skype and many other people from the past that I never thought I'd meet!

Grim-Cat: I met you in BEO1 chat, I always wanted to meet you you seemed like a great guy and boy was I wrong, You are an EPIC KITTY! Smiley_BigGrin #FLO~ to the floo!

Tabby: You know why your here. Greatest influence. Period.

AlbertPujols5: You know why your in here too. We were once full of hate towards each other, and now we act like it never happened. Never meant to hate you, for whatever reason I did, and I hope nothing bad to us ever happens again. By the way, thanks for this surprise post o.O.

DePimp: He isn't here anymore. (And YES, De's a HE.) But the day I met him, he came into my game when I was on 5th prestige, on heavens above. I managed to win over him whenever he came, but I always thought he had something evil in him till I met him on skype. Very open and friendly guy, and loves to call people sticks! Hope you come back soon.

ThisisFun: You're always an Alaskan to me! Smiley_BigGrin (And you know the rest).

Past BEO1, onwards to BEO2!

Navel, Day: Great people to be around and were the leaders of one of the most successful clans in the game. Dunno what they are going to do now with PROZ disbanded but it's nice to see them on Skype! Very nice, and epic set of players!

Gooner: Always used to stalk me on BEO1, totally weird. Got to know him better and found out he's a Loon. Always there for you when you need him! Smiley_BigGrin

People from Meow chat: (TheMom, Kent (d), VENON, Etc.)

Fun chat where it's all awesome and swoll, I'mma keep coming back for great times, great food, and awesome people.

Jacobz: You make me cringe. You're a good friend but you never gave me that butterfinger D: !

Tim: You're all the way down here? Ah m8... You're awesome, talented and an inspiration to look upon. Those picteurs are epik Smiley_BigGrin

Mageg: Yeah, we kinda started off on the wrong foot, but I hope we can get to know each other better in the future. You seem like a nice guy who wants no trouble.

Rob & John Donkin:

You made the most addicted, fun and awesome game I have ever witnessed. I do not require flashy graphics or lots of smooth frames to keep me into a game. (I.E BattleFeild, CoD) Etc. I applaud and honour you guys for making such a simple, but very great game! And for the two of you making the whole thing, if it turns out this great I can't wait for future games or updates to this one! (Just place more maps and fix some of the ol bugs though)

Well this about ends my LONG post. Maybe I got the longest post on the forum, But hey, I can't thank everyone enough for their contributions to the game. Otherwise none of this would of ever happened to me. This game has changed me as a person, from all of the people I have met, and I would like to thank each and every one of you for becoming apart of this game, and this awesome community. Smiley_Smile


And by the way, was anyone able to screen this little screen?

[Image: 2vm9hsi.png]

Had it stable for about 2 hours. Wanted to make it suspenseful ^^

[Image: giphy.gif]
"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." - Vladimir Lenin
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05-22-2014, 06:27 AM
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RE: A New Leader
Ah! you can't make the Traf cry! anyway I remember that match too,couldn't understand why a big piece of beo 1 was there in a non-pro match! Maybe the real match which made me play for long was the 1st match with Meli (3v3 military ahaha). December 2012,a little small Traf lv.44 with no ego Smiley_BigGrin it took me 5 months (may 2013) to reach prestige 3 lv.19 without pro and after I bought it! (where is croco? he's important for the story!)

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05-22-2014, 06:40 AM (This post was last modified: 05-22-2014 06:49 AM by Gooner.)
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RE: A New Leader
'Gooner: Always used to stalk me on BEO1, totally weird. Got to know him better and found out he's a Loon. Always there for you when you need him! '

-_- Not true. I trolled in ways. Less time consuming ways ;D
Anyways you writing that post basically sums you up. Humble and sincere. Great player but an even better person. Hopefully you stay top for a long time to come.....if not, I feel another confession thread coming Smiley_BigGrin Congrats Chris.

P.S nice to read what a newb Traf was in Beo1, brings back so many memories :') Miss ranking on that Bee shell of his.

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05-22-2014, 07:14 AM
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RE: A New Leader
UH I WASN'T A NEWB! O: just said little small with no-ego,but still strong. <.<' '>.>

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