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WoA™ Clan
04-23-2014, 12:20 PM (This post was last modified: 07-29-2014 05:43 PM by wildmut.)
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WoA™ Clan
[Image: S4aKa.jpg]

--->WoA™ Clan Forum<---

WoA™ stands for We Own All we are a intelegent clan who dose not qualify noobs in it we will explain everything u need to know about this clan in this thread so read on:

Note* for further information, details, and any questions plz ask the leader or 1 of our actual members (not a recruited member)
  • Respect everyone equally
  • take responsibility for your own actions
  • No banning on chatroom for no reason
  • no impersonating a rank
  • No spamming on chatroom plz
  • must cooperate with clan
Note* swearing is aloud just don't start cursing ppl out(or insulting in general at all)

Chat Room is meant for:
  • WoA™ members
  • allies
  • anyone wanting to join WoA™
  • anyone wanting to become allies with us
  • anyone wanting a friendly clan battle with us
How to use the chatroom video:
-- Made By Wildmut
---> WoA™ clan chatroom<---
3)Die Young
4)________-(Tactical Advisor)
6)________-(Assistant Major)
17)Toxic Battery
Detailed Member Section:
(Allows you to see who has which jobs in the clan and what jobs are open any job under 3 ppl is open except
some Ranks like Major)
Spoiler :


Clan Artist: (Job)


Chat monitor:(Job)

Look Out:

Law Enforcer:(Job)

Guidance Counselor:(Job)


(help wanted)

The Trainer:(Job)

The Specialist:

Assistant Major
(help wanted)

Tactical Advisor:(Rank)
(help wanted)
if anyone is considering to join WoA™ clan we have some requirments
1) Must be lvl 35+
2) All Members are to report to the chatroom ounce online

Then comes a few other steps:
1) Read this entire thread
2) Register for our forum:
3) Next plz do our application to join this clan:
4) Come to chatroom or keep checking back in on the woa forum we might pm you there

we will test you in battle for awhile if we consider you being
a good player we will let you put WoA on your clan tag NOT WoA™


WoA™=actual member

we will play with you for about a week or so and tell you if you can
join us during that week it will give us time to get to know you
and find out the kind of guy you are so we are always taking notes

contact me by pm me or leaving a post down below
or you can visit our chat room to talk to us personally
RANK SYSTEM:Smiley_Knight
(getting a rank is different than getting a job)

Co-leader is like 2nd in command or the right hand man
he takes care of clan when leader is not around he is also able to
join in clan meetings and he/she gets a word in the conversation
when leader can not get something done he turns to the co-leader
very important job.

The general rules the clan when co-leader and leader are
absent general is allowed to recruit to some tense
he/she also joins in clan meetings.

Major takes care of the clan but is not allowed the authority to kick anyone
out of the clan. The major has to run any major issues/problems through the
head of the clan. That includes: leader, co-leader, general.

tenichally everyone in the clan could recruit
(except recruits cause there in the middle of being recruited)
anyone can do it so this goes for everyone you could
go searching for ppl to join this clan or let them come
to you

being captain is a amazing job but it is probably 1 of the most hardest
being the captain means you take control of the members and you like
to play often in the game you play around with the members and
try to answer any questions they have also you must play with recruits to get to know them

has the same job as captain's job except is a lower lv under captain
and from time to time informs the high lvl ppl if stuff has happened
like bad stuff or good stuff

The Specialist:
The Specialist also known as SPC are the ppl
in our clan who are really killer like im talking incredibly strong
always are very active and these ppl we will be useing
in clan tournaments or clan battles cause they represent us

Assistant Major:
Major can get tiring but with a assistant major
there is 2 ppl doing the job the assistant major is a lower
rank than the major so it must do what the major says the
assistant major does also get a say in clan meetings
and helps out the major when the major says

Tactical Advisor:

Tactical advisor is allowed to set up alliences
and clan battles with some authority
The Job System:

Chat Monitor:
Chat monitor is in charge of the chat room he makes sure nobody
fights and cyber bullies there and makes sure no inopropriate stuff
is going on he has option of banning and kicking ppl and also
making ppl guest or members.

Guidance Counselor
the guidance counselor is 1 of the most important jobs
i would have to say this is a job only meant for some ppl in this
job you work out ppl's problems and get them to stop fighting or
so they work out there differences its a hard job its definetly not for

Clan Artist
the clan artist makes amazing artwork for our clan and
a signiture for the forum users in our clan if they ask Smiley_Smile
he can do it willingly or when someone ask him for artwork

Look Out
look out is like a chat monitor but a little different look
out looks for fights happening he will be taking screen
shots of it that way he has proof so you must know how
to do screen shots in order to get this job 1 more thing the Look
Out does is look out for imposters who put our clan tag on but arent
in our clan or look for a recruit with a WoA™ as there clan tag instead
of WoA

Law enforcer
the law enforcer sets down the rules if somebody is not following
the rules he can punish them such as kicking them on the chatroom
he must report back the leader telling if anything happened and
if something did happen he must show leader screen shots for proof
of why he did the punishment

The Trainer:
The Trainer trains ppl who wish to join our clan
but aren't at the right lvl yet to become a recruit member
or if players just want to get stronger this job is for a person
willing to battle with ppl and teach them how to be strong


[TeeSlay]--cyber bullying players
[Venon]--trying to take over our chatroom(and almost succeding)
[Rockshift]--making a clan that was copied after this 1 (also Leader of WKA™)
The History Of WoA™

Spoiler :
A long long time ago before this clan was ever made there where 2 men wildmut and badegg1234566777 there where the best of pals
badegg was in LGND clan (he was the leader) and wildmut was slowly joining EoD™ clan so as time went on Wildmut thought EoD™ clan wasnt right for him but at the time he was thinking of making his own clan so when he quit trying to join EoD™ clan he went to his best bud badegg they talked about starting a clan together they came up with lots of names but the 1 name that worked out was WoA™ so it was finally made the clan lasted for a long time infact at 1 point it was a very active popular clan but sadly badegg1234566777 destroyed the clan because he didnt like the name and also it was to hard being a leader so they slowly drifted apart but then wildmut kept talking to badegg and they created a new clan NBW™ it stood for naturally born winners it was a good clan but wildmut just didnt feel right in it so he quit the clan but ounce he quit other ppl started quitting as well so badegg destroyed the clan ._. so time went on and badegg and wildmut totally drifted away and didnt really talk to each other ever again so as time went on all the WoA™ members left to join other clans and badegg basically quit the game for a long time so wildmut went solo for awhile infact he was solo for about 2 months wildmut was the co-leader of WoA™ back then so tenichally he could have taken it over to run the clan but he kept thinking to himself he wasnt good enough so time went on and wildmut was solo and nobody ever heard from badegg again so 2 months past and wildmut got sick of it he loved WoA™ clan and he couldnt stand it being destroyed so after 2 months he got the guts to run a clan he ran WoA™ then about a month later after it was revived by wildmut badegg appeared again and was back in beo2 wildmut and badegg dont talk at all much now but they are friends still in a way they dont ever talk anymore like the use to but its all in the past now wildmut lives out his days running his clan so far its running smoothly and wildmut is hoping for this clan to be alive forever..... the end

Art Gallery/Video GallerySmiley_RockOn

Spoiler :
[Image: f43ceb.jpg]

[Image: WOAtradeWEOWNALLChatBg_zps54b9ec12.png]

-- Made By Wildmut

-- Made By Wilmut
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04-23-2014, 12:42 PM
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RE: WoA™ Rises Again
i wish you luck if i ever want to join i will let you know

[Image: halo-5-guardians-cover-artwork-reveals-b...op-1498919]
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04-23-2014, 01:31 PM
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RE: WoA™ Rises Again
im glad your clan is back Smiley_Smile so can we be allies again?
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04-23-2014, 02:00 PM
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RE: WoA™ Rises Again
Sweet! good luck man, and have fun, as always Smiley_Smile

[Image: S7HBxPs.png]
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04-23-2014, 04:28 PM
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RE: WoA™ Rises Again
Good luck, Wild. You're a good kid, hope your clan survives Smiley_Smile

[Image: jv1x8x.png]
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04-23-2014, 04:47 PM
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RE: WoA™ Rises Again
[Image: post-29407-nope-button-reaction-gif-tumbl-VuvC.gif]

Nope Nope Nope!!! (Kidding)

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04-23-2014, 05:48 PM
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RE: WoA™ Rises Again
(04-23-2014 04:47 PM)Droidegg Wrote:  [Image: post-29407-nope-button-reaction-gif-tumbl-VuvC.gif]

Nope Nope Nope!!! (Kidding)

Omg, where did you found that?

This clan was amazing and can't die. Great work Wildmut Smiley_ThumbsUp

[Image: Rt0F8O4.gif]
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04-23-2014, 08:30 PM
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RE: WoA™ Rises Again
(04-23-2014 01:31 PM)Master chief Wrote:  im glad your clan is back Smiley_Smile so can we be allies again?

yes master chief we can be allies Smiley_BigGrin

[Image: VFFqza0.gif]
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04-23-2014, 08:32 PM
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RE: WoA™ Rises Again
Hope this clan won't destroyed and becomes a great clanSmiley_Smile
Good luckSmiley_BigGrin

[Image: abhwdv.png]
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04-24-2014, 02:34 AM
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RE: WoA™ Rises Again
Good luck with your clan. Smiley_Heart

[Image: 233137fc-625f-47b9-985e-018756b43c60_zps03db0212.jpg]
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