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Game Updates Log
11-05-2013, 02:22 AM (This post was last modified: 08-27-2014 02:28 AM by Rob Donkin.)
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Information Game Updates Log

New updates will be logged here as opposed to the updates page (most recent first).

26.08.14 version
  • Added a monthly leaderboard - resets at the start of each month.
  • 3 new shells added: Stanley, Chief Eggum and El Capitan.

18.07.14 version
Ok so I know we haven't updated this list in a while, sorry about that! But we've added a lot of cool stuff in this latest version so I thought I'd make a note of it on here.
  • New game mode: Skill Shot Mode - The further away you are, the more damage you do.
  • New game mode: Random Gravity - The gravity changes with every shot (just like with wind).
  • Random maps can now have random platforms added for a bit of extra variety.
  • 3 new shells added: Jinn, Blaze and Buck.
  • The friends list has been extended! You can now have up to 30 friends.
  • Map Pack 1 added - our first map pack featuring 5 new maps!

21.02.14 version
  • Weapon pack 6 added! 5 new weapons:
    • Napalm Strike
    • Ice Bow
    • Robot Panda
    • Splurge Grenade
    • Turret
  • Three new shells added:
    • Abby
    • Destiny
    • Prism

15.02.14 version
  • Just a minor update to fix a small display bug with the fridge.

14.02.14 version
  • STASH added. A whole new ammo selection!
  • Win STASH every day in the daily spin.
  • STASH ammo is available to you in-game regardless of your random loadout.
  • It has a cooldown effect meaning that you can't use a weapon from the same category until the cooldown has finished. Cooldown lasts 1-4 games depending on the weapon category (check the STASH shop for more info).
  • Two NEW weapons added (only available in the STASH): Fridge and Popcorn.
  • Increased the XP bonus you earn for winning.

31.01.14 version
  • 3 new shells in the shop, each with weapons:
    • Eggles - comes with Red Baron weapon
    • Eggstra Terrestrial - comes with UFO weapon
    • Atom - comes with Meteor Strike weapon
  • Added a secret spooky shell
  • Fixed a small bug with best win streak not updating properly

24.01.14 version
  • 2 new maps! Platform Paradise (available to everyone) and Gold Mine (free with Harry Hardhat shell)
  • 3 new shells in the shop:
    • Raja
    • Harry Hardhat - comes with the Gold Mine map
    • Night Vision
  • Added last online time to friends list
  • Added tied games stat to profile

17.01.14 version
  • Referrals system added, see here for more info:
  • Weapon pack 5 added! 5 new weapons:
    • Switcher
    • Rail Gun
    • Napalm 'Nade
    • Frozen Dynamite
    • Multiplier
  • Three new shells added:
    • Invisible Egg
    • Rooster
    • Nurse Ratchegg
  • Added a welcome screen for new eggs pointing them towards practice mode if they want.

13.01.14 version
  • Fixed player move back on first turn bug.
  • Fixed victory bonus xp text displaying wrong for Pro players.

03.01.14 version
  • New shells, Happy New Year everybody!
    • Sherlock
    • Watson
    • Eggstein

20.12.13 version
  • Christmas shells added to the shop!
    • Santa
    • Matthew the Snowman
    • Yeti
  • 20 Credits giveaway on December 25th! Merry Christmas.

13.12.13 version
  • Three new shells added to the shop:
    • Fungus
    • Jester
    • Heisenberg (comes with Poison Tipped Rocket weapon)

10.12.13 version
  • Current win streak added
  • Notification sound added when you receive an invite
  • Fixed a couple of small game invite accepting bugs
  • Fixed health indicator bug
  • Added something cool (and secret...)

06.12.13 version
  • Three new shells added to the shop:
    • Grandpa Bill
    • Poncho
    • Squidhead

04.12.13 version
  • Faded out your name on your turn to avoid it getting in the way of some sneaky bit of terrain.
  • Added current levels to results screen.
  • Added in-game progress bar to show how close you are to a level up.
  • Improved a couple of things behind the scenes.

28.11.13 version
  • Level up animation now plays for other eggs in-game.
  • Leaderboard added (3 different leaderboards with top 100 for each).
  • Ended Beta period and opened the game up to all registrations and guests
    • We have done this because we have now added all of our planned pre-release features to the game.
    • Note that this does NOT mean that we are done adding features! We intend to add plenty more content to the game and will keep taking your suggestions on board Smiley_Smile

25.11.13 version
  • Added the first of many new shells to the shop (Uncle Sam, Turk and Samuel)! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Added a feature to practice mode to allow you to move eggs around (this had actually already been added but I forgot to highlight it).
  • Fixed bouncy walls not working on cavern maps glitch.
  • Fixed not randomising spawns properly glitch.
  • Fixed quitter quitting in the middle of their turn causing timer to run on for the full 30 seconds glitch.
  • Tweaked a few things behind the scenes to hopefully help with a couple of small bugs.
  • Fixed double kill awarding when an egg suicides glitch.

19.11.13 version
  • New feature: You can now send a message when declining a game invite if you want to (hit decline to bring up the options, use the bottom option to send no message as before).
  • Improved anti-cheating checks.
  • Attempted to fix 3v2 glitch (let me know if you come across this again though, not sure if it's fixed. I believe it's happening because a player quits just as a game is starting).
  • Minor fix: Join a game but it is full, click OK and the lobby should now auto refresh (it didn't before).
  • Other bug fixes/attempted bug fixes.

15.11.13 version
  • New feature: If an egg suicides and you were the last player to do damage to it, you still get the kill.
  • Slight physics tweak.
  • Small weapons tweak.
  • Teleport bug should now be fixed (where teleport wasn't working).
  • Added a super secret mini-game and rewards. Don't even bother looking for it because you won't find it yet. We will add some clues in time!

12.11.13 version
  • Minor update

11.11.13 version
  • Opened up the Beta to all BEO1 players. Welcome to the game!
  • Fixed lobby auto refresh bug.
  • Fixed some small prestige display issues.
  • Added cavern map icon and info (on cavern maps wall/ceiling will default to solid unless you have chosen bouncy walls/ceiling).
  • Fixed a few other bugs.

08.11.13 version
  • Added two badges for all players who sign up during the Beta!
  • MOAR bug fixes!

07.11.13 version
  • Made several weapon tweaks (damage, explosive radius on a few weapons etc).
  • Improved splash damage slightly (weapons will now do some small damage slightly further away form their target, but you still need high accuracy to deal full damage).
  • Fixed another couple of small bugs!

06.11.13 version
  • Speedy mode is back (sorry we took it away from you!)
  • You can now change wind in practice mode by clicking the wind symbol.
  • More details added to current player's info during the game.
  • Several more small bug fixes.

05.11.13 version
  • Bug Fixes
    • Teleport not working should now be fixed.
    • Friends list deleting errors fixed.
    • Several other small bugs fixed.

04.11.13 version
  • Jumping has now been made a game option (ie. you can toggle it on or off, by default players will not be able to jump); removed speedy eggs which seemed redundant anyway.
  • Changed the display options on the results screen. "Damage dealt" now displayed on results screen rather than "xp earned" to avoid confusion (your own xp earned is still shown).
  • Bug Fixes
    • Bad spawning (inside terrain) should now be fixed.
    • Lightning gun/flamethrower were overpowered in certain situations - now sorted.
    • Team chat wrong colour fixed.
    • Projectiles not disappearing at the side of the screen fixed.
    • Refreshing rooms list page display bug fixed.
    • Losing Rep for bad connection fixed (you should only lose rep for quitting/being reported now).
    • Some other minor bug fixes have also been made.

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