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Fill in The Words (Contest)
02-27-2014, 06:59 AM
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Fill in The Words (Contest)
Hello guys,this is a forum game/contest in wich I am going to post a story that has blanks/missing words in it and you are going to have to fill the words in.You can put any word you can [or phrase]...I'd please a moderator to close this thread in March The 5th because that is going to be the dead-line.After finishing the game,in general chat I will post the winner or maybe winners..It will propably be a few days after the 5th when I post the winners because I want to make it formal in any possible way.

  • Please don't fill in the blanks with swearing/bad words
  • You can only fill the blank one word or a phrase [when I say so]
  • No Spamming.
  • You can only post your story with the filled in words only once.You can edit it if you want.
  • Put the word in * [ ] * so I can easily see it

Today,I woke up and I couldn't feel my [1 word] , the ache was so terrible that I had to visit a [1 word] to buy some [1-3 Words]...After returning to home I opened my [1 word] to watch the today's news.When out from nowhere,the speaker started talking about a [1 word] leak that was making the citizens go [1 word],It was also morphing them into weird creatures...Some of them had [Describe Them ~4 Words].He also said that they may even eat you alive!
I was so terrified that I grabbed my [1 Word] and some [1 Word~Plural~] and started driving towards my best friend's house.As I was getting there,I saw [Number] of them walking and some of them were feeding on [2 Words].I finally I arrived to my friend's house.I knocked on his [1 Word].On the first knock he didn't open the [1 Word].I knocked the [1 Word] harder,he finally opened.He said that he was upstairs [verb+ing].I talked to him about the [1 Word] leak and he didn't even know it."Propably he was with his friends [verb+ing]..."He went upstairs to check on his roommate to see if he was alright...Unfortunatelly his face was [1 Word] off and his body was [1 Word].When he show him,he started [verb+ing] and pulled out a(n) [1 Word] and [1-5 Words]...I was shocked...As I left my friend's apartement,I saw my car outside...It was [noun+ed].I realised I couldn't go any further so I stayed in my friend's house.I took some of my [1-3 Words] that I've got since the beggining of the day.Then I looked for some supplies and then I fell asleep.When I woke up I realised that I was [noun+ed] !!!.I was so sad that I became one of those SATANIC creatures.I took my [1 Word] directly to my mouth and said " [Say any phrase-quote you'd like] "...."BOOM"....


Post your stories with filled in words down bellow,read the rules and join the competition!
(The Dead-line is March 10th)

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02-27-2014, 07:39 AM
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RE: Fill in The Words (Contest)
Nha I dont like competitions. Just egg maker
Post will be deleted

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