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Complete the Scene!
02-23-2014, 06:33 AM (This post was last modified: 02-23-2014 05:51 PM by Droidegg.)
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Complete the Scene!
Hello guys in this game each individual user has to act and talk as a famous singer,actor youtube gamer or someone that is known.You can post as much as you want BUT with the same character and you have to use famous phrases that the famous guy/woman you chose usually says.But here's the funny part,each time that I say "Scene Change" or "Plot Twist" I'll be changing the place that you are (Scene Change) or change the theme that you are talking about "Plot Twist.
For Example:
(I will start like this) : Scene=Volcano Plot=About to explode.

✸Rambo (Master Chief) : We have to leave the Volcano,it's going to errupt!
✸Skrilex (Pokemon) Let's Dub-step the hell out of here! (PS:I know,it was a bad joke,lol)
✸PewDiePie (Droidegg) Guys I got this,OMG WAAHHH OOOOHHH.I'M SO SCARED.
~Plot Twist~ The volcano is starting to explode.
✚You'll have to stay on character untill I say so,If so then you can't deny.If you deny,then you can't post again.
✚If you want to say something off character then in the beggining type : /Off Character.
✚You must talk to other individuals,when you do it,don't call them with their forum name but with name they've chosen.
✚Please no hate or spamming.
I shall now announce the begining of the game I call:Complete the Scene!

Scene : A Creepy House Plot : You hear strange sounds.


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02-23-2014, 10:06 PM
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RE: Complete the Scene!
(NigaHiga) Has this ever happened to you? Being stuck in a creepy house with farting ghosts?

[Its a relatively tough game to play :/]

[Image: jv1x8x.png]
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