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Rayvel's BEO2 Skill Shots (Episode 5)
08-12-2014, 01:36 PM
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RE: Rayvel's BEO2 Skill Shots (Episode 5)
(08-12-2014 11:09 AM)Rogeeke1 Wrote:  But this kid, Rayven, having 100% accuracy and maximized damage is wrong.
Not any other person has this in the game yet he has.

Obviously you don't know who Cheatyface is then.

All this 100% accuracy stuff that you're saying is wrong. He misses, and I've seen him miss, even if his shots are 99%, it isn't 100%. And he isn't unbeatable, some people proved it. There's no software that allows 100% aim, if there was, then surely it would be leaked by now since it would've been used for 3 years now, not just by Rayvel. Plus it wouldn't take him almost 30 seconds to make a shot if he can clearly see where the shot would hit. Wouldn't matter anyways since you wouldn't be winning every match even if you never miss a shot, it all comes down to who shoots first and who has the better weapons.

And I don't know what you're trying to prove by seeing his formulas. Even if he did show them, no one will take advantage of them since it's clear that most people here hasn't even taken Trigonometry, which is the highest level of math that Cheatyface's formula actually consists of. I understand the formula well but I can't be bothered calculating the entire math by pixels, neither can most other people. It's good to see someone doing that since it shows that they have a special talent (which you seem to be calling a cheat) that most people don't have. And if you think it's a cheat because other people can't use it, that's wrong too. There's plenty of instances where the more experienced had revealed a certain nature of their pattern of aim, but no one wanted to listen. So it isn't their fault, it's the players' fault for not wanting to learn. That's how they distinguish groups in school, the group that is willing to learn and take challenges and the group that doesn't care and want the easy way through things.

That's all I will say regarding this matter, I'm sorry if you still don't get that there's no cheats involved, but it isn't our problem. Now let the thread be so that we can continue to enjoy watching a skilled player play; the game needs more of those players anyways.

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08-12-2014, 05:41 PM (This post was last modified: 08-13-2014 02:33 AM by Crocovip88.)
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RE: Rayvel's BEO2 Skill Shots (Episode 5)
Ehm rogekee, do you know aimin with arrows on KB is allowed too? Just sayng since i use it ( it's easyer) and since there is no mouse on ray screens Lol

(08-12-2014 01:28 PM)Gooner Wrote:  And people wonder why the forums are dead. Only going to bother responding once in one looooong response as I don't believe that you have any intention of reasoning with logic, but you're determined to continue replying with your same old invalid arguments which knowing how Ray plays.....are embarassing to read. You seem to write the same thing every post, deriding other members' maturity, the funny thing is that your lack of knowledge and willingness to comment on something you're so evidently clueless on shows a massive lack of judgement. I agree with Snitcher when he says that you're flaming, that's the only thing you seem to be providing.

(08-12-2014 05:51 AM)snitcher Wrote:  rayvel is not making the game easier for him, he isn't simply pushing a button to show the angles/arcs of the shots that he makes, he calculates them which is pretty similar to aiming which i actually believe is harder than regular aiming

Summed it up in one sentence. Cheating is defined by unfairly giving yourself an advantange. Some of the replies are laughable, but if anything it just shows your lack of knowledge in Physics and calc....and also common sense. I mean the last reply about eyeballing pixels.....come on man, are you insane? Firstly you can get pixel measurers, on screen apps or add ons. This is just the same as any other add on, such as ad blocker for instance. Also 1 cm = 37.795276 pixels, Hmm, let me think for one second, how would you go about measuring centimeters, ohhh yeah it's that new illegal gadget all the cool kids are getting down the black markets called a RULER. And as for Maths not having a part in games, try grabbing a program called MATLAB, you can create your own projectile simulator and input equations to track the trajectory, much like you would track points on a graph. This joke claim of if everyone used equations 'thousands of players would never miss', is where the real punchline comes in. You must be in some sort of dream world if you honestly think 'thousands' of players will ever come close to understanding all the Math and Physics needed to follow through the equations, never mind inputting their own observed data and figuring out a way of shooting within the 30 second time frame. There are very few people who have the skillset needed to understand all of the workings and even fewer who would be able to apply them to the game. But just because you can't do it, doesn't mean you have to cry cheater. It just means that you don't have that particular skillset, he's applying his real life knowledge to the game, he isn't a cheater for having knowledge and skills which you don't have.

Your conclusions become invalid when it becomes clear you're clueless about what you're saying and just using a factless base opinion. Your point about the dynamite is invalid. Say g= 11/18 for normal games without Low Gravity, to weapons with lower gravitation or higher weight these wouldn't apply anyway. They don't choose how much power they apply based on a math equation, that's an arbitrary choice based on testing or a table of values. When you select your aim, don't think of it as you randomly moving a cursor about, think of it as you choosing the needed velocity and angle to get from point A to point B.
If you honestly don't think that it's possible to be able to track a projectile to perfection, then you're clueless.

Easy examples : I shoot a nade with velocity of 20ms-1 at 50 degrees to the horizontal.

Initial Velocity= Vo= 20ms-1

θ = 50 degrees

Time of flight t= (2Vosinθ)/g G =acceleration due to grav

t= (2×20×sin50)/9.8= 3.13 seconds Right there you can find out the time it takes getting from A to B.
Want to find out the maximum height of a shot?

Maximum height reached , H = (Vo ^2)(sin^2 θ)/2g
H= (20^2)×(sin^2 times 50 ^2)/ 2×9.8= 11.97m

Cheatyface's formula:angle = atan((v^2 +/- sqrt(v^4-g(gx^2+2yv^2)))/gx)

Ignore this a sec, because all you see is meaningless letters. Look at this:
S= displacement/distance, a= constant acceleration, v= final speed, u= intial speed, t= time (not really meaningful in Beo apart from weps like Mortar)

^^ Acceleration= change in velocity/ time, a= (v-u)/t
v=u +at s = ut + (1/2)(a)(t^2) s = vt - (1/2)(a)(t^2) v^2 = u^2 + 2as s = ((u + v)/2)t

Look at Cheaty's formula again, anything look familiar? Yeah, it should.

You can track the path of a projectile if you can find those values alongside with all of the observed data Ray and Cheatyface have recorded. So before you claim it isn't possible, reword it and say that it isn't possible for yourself and with regards to your own skillset. Ray works hard to be able to pull off the shots that he does. Most players just move their cursors around and fire, he needs to solve an equation, decide on the arbitrary factors and consult his observed values ALL within a 30 second time frame.....sometimes we play 20 seconds too e.e Also he plays with wind, which produces sideways gravity so he needs to factor that in also, basic vector addition but still work. And also your point about ' hand eye coordination'.... LOL :') You really think a difference of one pixel or one degree will have a deciding factor?.....the game has enough margin for error to allow some room to manoeuvre. Try it out for yourself in practice. I know I know, protractors are hard to find these days....It's not like you can find one in any stationery store, online or any post office.....oh wait...

Seeing as you clearly know nothing about Ray, i.e. calling him a kid, both wrong and lame. I'll shed some light on how he actually is as a player, rather than your guessing. We're not in the 1500's, I thought since the age of Enlightenment came about, science and rationality was used to reason rather than just opinion, but guess not. Anyways this thing about him never missing, Ray does miss. He doesn't miss as much as other players, but so? Don't lesser skilled players miss more often than higher skilled players? He's also lost in 2v2s and 3v3s, during lobbies that were completely filled with strong players, so the theory that all he does is win is wrong. He's never thought he was entitled to anything other than what he's worked out for himself. He's one of the most encouraging players you can find, even to players on the opposing team he'll say 'nice try, or nice shot'. He doesn't post these videos to showboat, he doesn't need to, we all know how good he is.

Another point, how you keep saying 'no one can beat him', no one? Or you can't beat him? There's a big difference. Not sure what all the crying's about, most of the complainers on here won't have the guts to face him 1v1, and are poorly skilled players anyways, against Rayvel or anyone else. In two games I came close to beating him, one 11hp difference and the other 14 hp. The first game I lost because I didn't do full damage on a nade and one of the 3 missiles on a dfa hit part of the terrain, not Ray's fault. The second time a turret hit an edge on the terrain and rolled over to my side, again not Ray's fault. Both of those matches, especially the first, I should have won. The same goes for some matches against Cheatyface, with the right choices I could've beaten him almost everytime. They were both just way too good, accept it. You have to accept that they won't miss and that they will be precise, because Science as a rule is exact and precise. But that's the challenge you take on when playing Ray, he's the ultimate challenge and if you're good enough and willing, why not test yourself? The point of the game isn't to farm as much xp as possible against lower skilled players. But like I said, most of the people with an issue against Ray are poorly skilled and have rubbish aim, so don't worry about his advantage, you'll never be on the wrong end of it. Let the ones who actually have the guts to play him think about that.

The sad thing is that Ray was trying to give back a little something to the Beo community on the forums by showcasing some skill shots. You won't care about this and probably just rant on anyways, because that's all you seem to be doing. But whilst he'll continue contributing in an epic way, the only thing you've done is ruin a great thread with your constant ill-informed replies. Using the fact that Ray doesn't spoon feed you his hard work as the reason he cheats is just the cherry on top of an unbelievably deluded cake. Have fun replying ;D

Sidenote: Who are 'Rayven' and Rayben' Rogeeke1? Never heard of them, any good?

#TeamRayvel (Gooner still >Ray) =P That last video was epic man, can't wait to see what you do next. Hopefully your thread gets cleared up a bit and the mods unclog some of the drivel. Great job Ray =)

MAN YOUR A _______ GENIUS Lol. Didnt tough ur tiny mind (on beo1) can elaborate this stuff <.<

Edit: I may had found rogekee's brother
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08-12-2014, 07:17 PM
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RE: Rayvel's BEO2 Skill Shots (Episode 5)
Well I suppose it's about time I weighed in here. I'm not going to remove any posts from this because I do think it's a valid discussion to be having and I'm not seeing anything overly abusive. However, I think it's time to drop it now Rogeeke1. You've stated your opinion (which you're fully entitled to) and you have received plenty of valid responses. The bottom line is if we have conclusive proof of cheating then that player is banned from the game but this is certainly not conclusive proof. Rayvel has given an explanation and while you may not be happy with it it does make sense at least and without further proof either way we have to accept it. Since Bad Eggs uses a physics simulation it is possible to calculate where a shot will land based on your angle/power input. If you don't like it then don't play against them. At the end of the day it's a game and it can be played in a variety of different ways and as long as you're having fun and enjoying it that's the most important thing.

Plus that latest trick shot video was seriously awesome! Hitting three people at once with a trip weapon is pretty incredible. I'd personally like to see some epic bounce shots though Smiley_Smile

It takes a huge amount of effort to go to the trouble of recording and editing videos like this and we really appreciate it when people do because it shows how much fun they're having with our game and for us that's what it's all about.

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08-12-2014, 07:22 PM (This post was last modified: 08-12-2014 07:22 PM by Z-Gamer.)
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RE: Rayvel's BEO2 Skill Shots (Episode 5)
Hey Ray, you got Rob's attention now after 5 episodes Smiley_Wink

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08-12-2014, 11:31 PM
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RE: Rayvel's BEO2 Skill Shots (Episode 5)
Thanks a lot everyone for the kind words. I really do love playing BEO and meeting such a great group of friends. As I said before in this thread I respect people who disagree with my style of play, feeling only "natural" aiming is the way to go. You don't ever have to play me if you don't want to. Now like Gooner said, if you want the ultimate challenge anyone else is more than welcome to join my lobby. Just be prepared to see yourself in an upcoming shots compilation Smiley_Smile

Rob - Thanks for weighing in. The triple shot, aka the "sharing is caring" shot, has long been a favorite of mine even from BEO1 days. I'll be sure to get some epic bounce shots for you in the next compilation. Honestly I have never worked out the physics of wind+bounce so I'd have to stick to knives or no wind games for those shots though!!

It makes for a lot of fun when everyone in the game is trying some trick shots and when someone hits it, wow. When I see a "natural" shooter hitting these shots I am just blown away at the talent/skill involved & I make sure to say so too. GG all & see you in game.
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08-13-2014, 08:36 AM
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RE: Rayvel's BEO2 Skill Shots (Episode 5)
I'm sorry for calling you a cheater and I want to apologize for my behavior.
It's up to you or the moderators but you can choose to have my comments removed.
I reacted too offensive.
I hope you continue to play this way as it's providing the community great entertainment.

man, I really thought I was the best BEO2 player..........................................................................​.........

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08-13-2014, 04:15 PM (This post was last modified: 08-13-2014 04:16 PM by theswagger1010.)
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RE: Rayvel's BEO2 Skill Shots (Episode 5)
To confirm we all have our own little tactic to the game and cheaty and rayvel are the only two people I know who use calculations for thier shots which will take a while to shot as they using a formula. And if Rayvel was cheating he would get EVERY shot he takes..but he don't he misses 1% of the time Smiley_Tongue so i officially declare this debate close!Smiley_Hulk joke

anyway hope to see episode 6 rayvel and hope you make a bloobers video one day as well Smiley_Wink

M8 i got so much swag...
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08-16-2014, 05:34 PM
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RE: Rayvel's BEO2 Skill Shots (Episode 5)
Since Rayvel & Cheatyface are the only 2 math geniuses that play this way, I find it interesting that they never play each other... hmm, are they both the same person!?! Smiley_Shocked
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08-16-2014, 06:04 PM
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RE: Rayvel's BEO2 Skill Shots (Episode 5)
no, the reason is because both of them (i think) are diffrent time zones which is a really high chance that will more likely NEVER play unless they organize themselves!

M8 i got so much swag...
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08-17-2014, 12:27 AM
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RE: Rayvel's BEO2 Skill Shots (Episode 5)
I can assure that Cheaty and myself are not the same person, as could other people who know us both. We've played each other many times in BEO1 and BEO2. I didn't play him since I started the videos though. He hasn't been online so much lately I can see from my friends list. Mostly he plays 3v3 with his family on the same team as him where I tend to do my videos from some 1v1 matches.
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