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Nuevo clan prestige †Oz†
04-21-2016, 05:58 PM (This post was last modified: 04-22-2016 05:53 PM by Vakson.)
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RE: Nuevo clan prestige †Oz†
Dont involve racism into this,That was just my opinion.
That what are they doing is racism,making clans and recruiting only spanish people.
(04-21-2016 12:10 PM)tenchi Wrote:  Wrong on so many levels. Moderation is as much player-lead as it is staff lead. I know people in the game and on the forums who can speak/understand anywhere from 2-5 languages. I myself know 3 with a fairly high level of fluency and have a basic understanding of several others (but am unable to use them). I'm not a moderator, yet I do help to moderate the forums, as do many others.
Actually you are wrong,if i started making threads using serbian, 100% of forum users would have no idea what am i posting.
If someone really wants to help moderators and make their job a bit easier he/she will make/post threads/replies using english.

(04-21-2016 12:10 PM)tenchi Wrote:  
Don Vito Corleone Wrote:I remember like 1 year ago this game was full of people from saudi arabia (Ksa) who were speaking their language in game and it used to be very annoying since some of them used to call people "noops".

Their still around, some of them, but there are others who do the same thing (kami and eaglegirl have/can do it, just to name a couple people). The reason that they did it was for convenience, I personally have had in-game conversations in Chinese despite the lack of character support for other languages. For some people, it could be that the English we're using is the "annoyance". As for the "noop/noob" thing, don't you call people noobs? Joking or not, it could be taken as an insult, as you're suggesting with the "noop" reference, so you may want to think twice about using this as an argument to support your "English only" case.

I know they are still around, and i have a lot of friends speaking arabian,but i dont call random people noobs/nubz/NOOPs i only call my friends like that because they know im joking lol.

(04-21-2016 12:10 PM)tenchi Wrote:  As I said in the beginning and with my first post. The game is international, the forums are international. Games like BEO are meant to bring people together, where as choosing an "official language" does nothing more than drive people apart. The forums are already well-controlled, despite your hint of suspected forum chaos. We don't need an official language for the forums or game, and if you insist that we do, then I insist that everyone reading this post use their native/best language (and again, because I know Chinese, I would start using that instead of my native English).

Sta ces sad? eee moj tenchi...Jos sam ti olaksao i pisao latinicom a ne cirlicom.
No way that google translator can translate that correctly.

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