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BroC Ideas and Suggestions
04-07-2016, 12:17 AM
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RE: BroC Ideas and Suggestions
Nope, xp of Chicken to the controller is a real pain for sincere players. As TRG said, boosters would use it...I would like the kills to be added to the controller though...

And, what do you exactly mean by story mode ? A level by level progressing challenge ?
If I got it right, its probably never gonna happen. We already have the Hambo mini-game. Its can be said that it is an arcade game.

What would be the Challenges ? Story mode should be single player v Computer, or just some sort of a single player game. The Player v Computer will probably never happen.... As for the player v challenge, I can't think of anything that would come up as a set of levels that would be challenging and interesting enough for players to do it..

Keep 'em coming!

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