Poll: What the next update should have?
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New shells 6.00% 3 6.00%
New weapon pack 12.00% 6 12.00%
New map pack 6.00% 3 6.00%
New modes/game settings 38.00% 19 38.00%
New minigame 20.00% 10 20.00%
special shell for forum users 18.00% 9 18.00%
Total 50 votes 100%
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What should the next update have?
07-21-2015, 06:58 PM
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RE: What should the next update have?
Hello everybody
Why people always want more weapons? I really don't get it that. We already have 97 weapons in the game which some of them are just useless so bad like dragons or some weapons in the pack 9 and 10. If there will be more weapons, the game is going to die even more, and 5% of good people that are still playing this game will leave the game.

This game needs much more map packs since all of the maps that are now in the game got bored of playing, and new maps will refresh this game. There are many amazing map designs made by forum users like Troll2, SenSei and many more, so I don't really get why we have only three map packs and ten weapons pack. This for me is a bit no fair since for many people the maps give more fun and interest of playing and enjoying the game more than the stupid weapons packs that only give you fun for one day, and then it gets bored. I will spend money on the map packs but not anymore for weapons packs because we already have too many weapons.

I also picked the option 4 with new modes and settings because we need them soo bad because to refresh the game a bit since this game is dead already. I don't expect from developers to add many new settings and modes at once. I rather one/max two good things in the game than five really hasty ideas that won't work with this game such as dragons.

This is my personal opinion about future updates and improvements.

Thank you Matthew
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