Poll: What the next update should have?
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New shells 6.00% 3 6.00%
New weapon pack 12.00% 6 12.00%
New map pack 6.00% 3 6.00%
New modes/game settings 38.00% 19 38.00%
New minigame 20.00% 10 20.00%
special shell for forum users 18.00% 9 18.00%
Total 50 votes 100%
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What should the next update have?
07-21-2015, 12:07 PM (This post was last modified: 07-21-2015 12:16 PM by troll2.)
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RE: What should the next update have?
(07-21-2015 10:14 AM)Macab Wrote:  If there was a special shell for forum users. Like a bunch of people would just make forum accounts and probably next to none would post anything. You might get a few active forum members from doing that though, but not that much.

well , the main goal of that option is what u say, make ppl join to forum no matter if they active or not, its just like a way to advertise forum and make special all the users that have joined to the forum, like vets and beta badges, not everyone have those

(07-21-2015 10:28 AM)Smashed Wrote:  What, you didn't like the feedback on you previous thread so you created a new one?

no , i deleted the thread and re make it cus the poll wasn't able to multiple choice, and i cant edited , so thats why i had to re make it,if u dont like the thread dont post, simple as that.

the idea its get a real feedback of what must ppl are looking for next update, this is not about me

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