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First 10 people to be prestige 10
07-03-2015, 02:46 AM (This post was last modified: 07-03-2015 02:46 AM by Toxic Waste9583.)
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RE: First 10 people to be prestige 10
(07-03-2015 02:41 AM)† Sona † Cool † Wrote:  
(07-02-2015 10:51 PM)TheDestroyer Wrote:  yes i booster 15 hour ok sona cool 12lauty hussienweal darkside_death others boost too whats wrong with it i know boost i am not big boooster like sona coool sona you shared your account too with moody you told me now you say i booster you are who tell me how to once can reach 9 10 prestige in two weeks except booster shared account.i boost sona tell me how now sona say everyone i booster i booster ok you booster too.

What you talking about ? i'm Share my account with mody ? bahahahahh bahahhaha .
and i'm boosting? Bahahaha like i said it 1000 times i have playing so much i'm without my life now just for 10 prestige Smiley_Tongue

anyways Yo was nice with getting 10 prestige hope you soon get 20 presitge

How come you always join and leave games then without saying a word? Is it because you're being kicked off your account by someone else? So you can boost? hmmmm

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