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First 10 people to be prestige 10
07-02-2015, 11:18 PM (This post was last modified: 07-02-2015 11:27 PM by ONEDAY.)
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RE: First 10 people to be prestige 10
(07-02-2015 10:51 PM)TheDestroyer Wrote:  yes i booster 15 hour ok sona cool 12lauty hussienweal darkside_death others boost too whats wrong with it i know boost i am not big boooster like sona coool sona you shared your account too with moody you told me now you say i booster you are who tell me how to once can reach 9 10 prestige in two weeks except booster shared account.i boost sona tell me how now sona say everyone i booster i booster ok you booster too.

thats how things works.when no one has proof that you are boosting the accusation is invalid.people been boosting since the beginning of this game and nothing happens and no one has the strength to admit it.coming here and telling the truth that you are boosting i can tell you that you have my respect and i give you credits for that.i dont think boosting is a big deal when you cant do anything about it.the only funny thing is when someone lack of skills and boost day after day.(not talking about you i dont know you iam talking in general).when i know someone is boosting and see him with hes 6 millions xp and this guy play like a lv 50 and still playing easy noobs settings with random maps and x2 explosion and jump and they think they got skills and are pro that only give me a good laugh.there is no skills with random maps and x2 explosion and jump those settings are only for fun and what it makes it worst is when someone got 6 millions boosting xp cant even play with easy you have my respect for coming here telling the truth
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