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First 10 people to be prestige 10
07-02-2015, 12:11 PM (This post was last modified: 08-12-2015 12:26 PM by Echo (L93).)
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First 10 people to be prestige 10
Making this thread because it's around the time people are going to begin converting. (I honestly feel gold man 2's thread doesn't count, for obvious reasons. . .)

Firstly, I'd like to re-commemorate the first ten people to reach prestige 5, level 99, the original top level of the game.

Now, With the 2nd game of the series being a long standing game of nearly two years however, we have shared accounts running around now, and these will not be accepted into our honorary list.

Removed due to something excessively stupid..

But if you have a question regarding a shared account, ask, however don't come here badgering me to add a shared account to the list.

First 10 people to reach prestige 10:

0. Albertpujols5 Achieved before/everyone/else
1. Darksiders_Death Achieved 5th July 2015
2. Stochtastic Achieved 10th July 2015
3. sona_cool Gained 12th July 2015
4. garrava41 Achieved 14th July 2015
5. Bracco Gained 20th July 2015
6. 12lauty Achieved 21st July 2015
7. onedaylover Gained 23rd July 2015
8. hussinweal Achieved 28th July 2015
9.Gilnash Achieved 30th July 2015
10. SERBIA_MAN Achieved 31st July 2015

Stripped of position:
1. TheDestoryer Gained 2nd July 2015

It isn't my decision, however it's unfair for a user to be called of any rank of achievement if multiple people use it. That's why shared accounts were not allowed in the first place. Not saying you are extremely shared or anything, but as many have stated and given proof, It isn't right to give you the title anymore. Apologizes, friend.

EDITED to fit new update.
View all 10 of the 10th prestigers in order, below! [I wish I had my photoshop subscription active, but oh well, so paint jaja]

[Image: ZJW3vfq.png]

Congratulations to everyone, This is a permanent record of the prestige 10 accomplishment. Positions may change but this topic will still remain and these 10 will always be the first 10 to prestige 10. Especially well done to those who made it there legitally.

[Image: giphy.gif]
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