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A maybe interesting suggestion
10-20-2014, 04:05 AM
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RE: A maybe interesting suggestion
more prestiges have been suggested since beo1 players reached 5th prestige and while it encourages playing it also needs something more as reward reaching prestige 10 than badge and maybe shell and also needs to be find out if players want to replay lvl 1 to lvl 99 ten times total and whatabout after reaching 10th prestige? add more prestiges?

like inuyasha said it takes long time as non pro to reach 5th prestige so 10 prestiges would take 5-6 years and noone can predict if bad viking exists at that time or if bv exists does beo exist and also there has also come new beo game when players hunting 10th prestige have reached prestige 8 so playerbase drops alot and matches per day drops so it takes longer time to get same xp.
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