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Big Topic of Forum Information
04-26-2014, 05:07 PM
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Information Big Topic of Forum Information
Hello, this is the Big Topic of Forum Information, or BToFI. (Bi-tof-ee) This topic is to help new users learn the ways of the forums. If you haven't read the rules, I suggest you read them here:

Forum Rules

Now, let's begin to learn the Bad Eggs Online (2) Forums.

Editing Your Profile
Editing your profile is easy. Click 'User CP' that's at the top, near your name. From the UCP you can edit your Signature, Bio, Avatar, Account Info, Etc. Please do not make names really long or change them all the time. (At least let people know you are going to change your name.) And remember to keep signatures tidy and not too large. Smiley_Smile

Posting: When to Do It, And When to Not
This section is about posting, the basics of this forum! Please post in the correct places of the forums. (If you want to make a forum game, you'd post in Forum Games, if ya wanna share your ideas, post them in Suggestions.) Here are some examples of when to and when to not post:

An Old Inactive Topic: No
A New Inactive Topic: Yes
Pinned Topics: Yes (Not always a discussion topic.)

When you post in an old inactive topic, that is called grave digging. Please refrain from grave digging. (Topic that hasn't been posted on for a week+ is considered dead.) Inactive topics that are new can be posted on to help others see the topic and get the discussion going. Most pinned topics can be posted in, whether it's new, old, or inactive. Also, please do not post multiple posts in a row, there is an edit button to use.

Reporting Players
Say someone in the game, or on the forums asks for your password or is being mean. What should you do? Well, the best thing to do is send a PM to Rob(Rob's Profile), John(John's Profile) or message a mod.

Private Messaging (PM)
So you want to tell someone something, but not let everyone else know it, right? Well, if you go to the person's profile (From their post or from your buddy list), you can send them a "PM". This way you can message back and forth without letting others seeing your discussion. There is also a "Send PM" button on the top of everyone's post. Remember to only message appropriately by the rules.

Posting Pictures Or Screenshots
Lots of people have trouble posting pictures and/or screenshots on the forums. Here is a guide on how to take screenshots and post them.

Taking Screenshots:
1: To take a screenshot, use Control Key + Print Screen Key. Or if you have some kind of screenshot software, you can use that.
2: Then use paint (Or whatever you use) to edit/crop the wanted image.
3: Finally, save them image.

Posting Pics/Screenshots:
1: Use something like Imgur, Postimage, etc.
2: After uploading, they will have an URL for you to paste.
3: Click the 'Insert Image' button and paste the URL in the bar to insert an image.

Here is how the Insert Image button looks: [Image: ApUsr3w.png]

Users On The Forums
If you scroll to the bottom of the forums you can see who is on and how many people are on as well. You can also see recently new members, Mods, Admins, and other Board Stats.

I made the BTOFI on the BEO1 forums. I have edited parts of it for BEO2 forum to be more suffice/correct. If you see something that should/could be changed to be more relevant, please let me know.

New Member? – If you're new and need help, feel free to PM me.

I live in America. Where instead of French Fries, we have Freedom Fries.
"I know where your carton is!"
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