Why are you reading this cancerous thread?
I have nothing better to do. 23.53%
Alejandrez, Jach, n_drk, sharkman0101
4 23.53%
I read everything posted by Jach because I'm his biggest fan. <3 11.76%
Harry Potter, Kate
2 11.76%
I just came to hate on Jach because I'm a jealous hater. </3 17.65%
Belegthorn of Gondor, Isn't It A Pity?, matt
3 17.65%
I actually wanted to join this clan. 5.88%
Ṣọňǻ Ḉổốʟ
1 5.88%
My pink cat disappeared and I thought she might be here. 41.18%
Avenger (Sidd), Fern_Boi, Grim-Cat, Inuyasha, Iris_Beo2, Nathan, ThievesHD
7 41.18%
Total: 17 votes 100%