Full Version: Killing the Quitters/Chickens
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This is only for 1v1, 1v1v1, and 1v1v1v1, unless the whole other team quits in 2v2 or 3v3.. Now i know that we get the win and one eggstra shot if they chicken out, but i believe the chicken egg should stay there until all of its hp is gone. It just gets annoying if the chicken only has a few hp left, but then the game is over.. Does anyone agree?
Yep I agree. Its annoying. I want to kill the chickens Smiley_Smile
I hope the Donkins agree with us....
I think they can add this. This is not so hard to make it real.
I didnt realize i put this in bug reports.. I meant to put it in suggestions.. Sorry
So then, you're saying that you get unlimited time and turns to kill the chickens?

1 Question, you guys.
Let's say the last enemy standing is a chicken. Left with, 50 HP. You use a grenade and remove 20, then the game finishes. Is it counted as a kill or not?

If it is, that's fine, if not, IT SHOULD COUNT AS A KILL!

I don't know which it is, though...anyone remembers?
Right now, it doesnt.... It should though
I support this idea.

Btw can't the chickens "skip" turns until killed, even if they are the last enemys standing?
I just think that once they turn chicken, that last shot you fire at them should count as the kill.
That's why i got 400 wins more than kills... TOTALLY SUPPORTED!
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