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1 match shots got fired few secs late and eventually connection lost and other match near same thing except match went fine until it became 2 vs 1 and then it started to lag and shots were late and again connection lost.

Its ur connection.. Lol jk

I have an old computer with good connection that lags a lot.... Do you have an old computer? Mine is like 5 or more years old
it's your connection. stop making useless topics about lags
I know right, its his connection, i don't lag at all and i have a 10 year old laptop.
I played on a 15 years old Pc and I lost connection cause crash of screen (lol) so yah happens if he got crap pc...
(02-02-2014 06:48 AM)ThE_CroCoDiLE Wrote: [ -> ]I played on a 15 years old Pc and I lost connection cause crash of screen (lol) so yah happens if he got crap pc...

Exactly, so he should stop making post.
if it would be my comp then why doesn't it strike in every match not just randomly (day's 1st match or 3rd match)?

we'll see after 2 months when I buy new parts if its my comp or just some compability issue between my comp and beo.
My netbook is about 4 years old and it lags worse than my 8 year old desktop. Other players have identified that I have lag issues. It's a simple enough game which should run lag-free on very old computers. I believe the problem is that the game is secretly using my computer to mine bitcoins while I play. I don't mind, but the lag can be very annoying sometimes. Not just for me, but also the people i am playing with.
The lag you're experiencing sounds like it's because of your network, there are a few sites that will tell you your ping ( for example). If it carries on then you should call up your internet service provider.
Also, Tom, bitcoins would be mined with your GPU and cause framerate lag ^^
Might want to clear your browser history, try another browser, try removing browser and reinstalling it.
Lag can also be caused by so many things that it's hard to determine what the actual cause is. But usually it has to do with your browser or computer settings.
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