Full Version: One of those rare epic BEO moments
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I just wanted to say that there is every prestige on the first page, Which is only seen for a certain timeframe throughout history on BEO leaderboards, (As far as BEO1, There was not a time). Currently, There is at least one person of every prestige in the top 10 which I find pretty amazing. Here is a screenshot I took last night.

[Image: 2r4j59s.png]

Thanks for everyone in the screenshot to make this possible, Especially the people who decided not to prestige, (SenSei101 lvl 99, FabianJimenez Prestige I lvl 99, Myself Prestige II lvl 99, Meir Prestige III lvl 99, Rahul and Leoxeneize Prestige IV and Stan, Trafalgar, Scifen And Albert for being Prestige V.) It seems pretty epic to me, and will only be there for a certain amount of time (As the 4th prestigers are most likely to go on to prestige V), So go take a peek before its too late! Smiley_BigGrin
I wish i could see the pic(you didnt post it wrong, i just cant view them on the device im using).. But it sounds awesome Smiley_BigGrin
Haha that's pretty awesome - SenSei is definitely not giving in to the pressure Smiley_Smile
Congrats on getting on by the way!
omg. Rahul is on 1st page! he has to be boosting.
(02-01-2014 03:44 AM)Master chief Wrote: [ -> ]omg. Rahul is on 1st page! he has to be boosting.

Yes, I know him, he is my friend's friend. He was number 15 and in 2 days, he is number 9.
I think he boosts, I never saw him on the game.
yeah. he has to boost. I was playing 2v2 with him. this guest was on the opposite team. and the guest only shot me. lol, I left after 2 games.
"omg. Rahul is on 1st page! he has to be boosting." - Master Chief

I've been at war with him for about two weeks now XP wise, He does get pretty fast, and I have to play for hours on end to keep up with him, But mind you, I won't give up! I love challenges!
Rahul is just addicting as hell guys stop it or I dont will get on 1 page NEVER. Stop till june please *kiddish cryng request from a little tiny sad crocodile* llol
I got to tell you guys. I play a lot. it's like all I do on my computer time. and I can barley get to the beginning of the 3rd page. let alone the 2nd one.
Same lol.. Buti dont much free time ..mayne an average of an hour a day Smiley_Sad i can barely stay on page 8.. Im not even on it anymore Smiley_Sad im on page 9 now
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