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All my shells will be here, I draw everything in flash 8 and anyone can use them if they'd like. As far as taking requests, I can do them , sigs and avatars and its not a problem.I mostly will do game eggs but I can do other stuff. If you have an idea or drawing that you don't think is good and need help "polishing" it, I wouldn't mind helping out so feel free to PM me if you would like. (please rate if you enjoyed)Smiley_Wink Also you can try to use the pics if you want but, not all of them are sized right so if you want one please let me know instead of leaving a comment here and never replying after I do....-_-
It's all in HD too.
{re-post of CoD Ghost skins}:.................................................Halo skins:

[Image: CfMIeCb.png]-Logan[Image: jkYOaTE.png]-Hunter

[Image: lfW6rtl.png]-Merrick[Image: hfC1X3x.png]-Elite Minor

[Image: kTFoQty.png]-Riley[Image: V8Gfd2A.png]-UNSC Marine[Image: Y5lmvcY.png]-Masterchief(4)

[Image: f1MVpnv.png]-Keegan[Image: Hu20dHq.png]-ODST

Keep on going, there are more shells on other pages.
Like I said in your last topic, I love your artwork and I look forward to seeing more.
Since I am a big fan of COD I asked my friend, Sonicthekid to make me a Ghosts shell and he kindly did so.

Here is the shell made by Sonicthekid:
[Image: jv3xo0.png]

This was made for me and I would only like to show you other COD shells made here.

I hope you make for designs and get inspired to make more shells other than just COD.

Best Wishes,
Yeah, im kinda done with CoD for now.
I see that your name is halogame1. so are you going to make halo shells? Smiley_BigGrin
yeah, maybe next, it will depend how much time is on my hands though.
What about BF? It would be amazing if you made something about BF
BF as in best friend? lol jk. what is BF?
(01-27-2014 06:04 PM)Master chief Wrote: [ -> ]BF as in best friend? lol jk. what is BF?

Lol no, Battle field. A game
ohh yeah, lol. I forgot, sorry Smiley_XD.
2 more Halo shells then Battlefield
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