Full Version: Meet the Spartans!
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Ok so today in school we were watching videos about 300..( Athens,Spartans and Persia stuff), So I have a idea however Im not good in paint or any softwares where you edit stuff so if anyone else could make it that would be nice. So my ideas . Spartan shell.=500credits. Thought (WOAH 500 why!?) Well simply because whats a spartan without a weapon? With the shell you get a spear you throw it go's like boot. Kinda heavy. And If you have the shell on in game you get the spear no matter what Spear does around 30-40
Now also with Spartan you get a badge (Sorry idk if there is a badge for spartan). But also with the badge,wep, and shell you get 1 more wep. The knife. You have a chance of getting the knife. While you have the spartan shell in game. Knife does around 20-30.. You choose.
So yea thats pretty much why 500. I would say make it 700 credits I dont care I would buy it as long as it has a weapon and a badge with it..Donkins please consider this suggestion I think it would be really cool basically like the Ninja Shell from BEO1 but this is a spartan..

I like this idea with a spartan-shell and badge, however there is some need for improvement.

1, Shell cost should be 150-200 credits or less still (remember the complaints about heisenberg-shell).
2, Spear is overpowered, 24-34 is more reasonable.
3, Knife already exist and do 18 damage (it's free too).

As a conclusion, the idea is overall good but need a few alterations.
we alredy have badges for ninja & spartan so shells will show up soon.
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