Full Version: Suggested Host Option - Turn off team selection
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We've all had this problem. You start a game and 3 good players join and 1 noob, then right before the game starts two of the good players team select guaranteeing you get stuck with the noob.

I know everyone has to improve, but if the host had the option to turn off team selection then it would at least be random as to who gets the weaker player. If you WANT to turn off team select, it would be in the lobby menu along side the "Positive Rep Only" button so the host couldn't change it at the last minute.

What do you think?
3 players wants team up its choice if you want to force random mode thats different story its good for balancing the team.No likes to lose evrybody wants good players in their team.
if all select red or blue they all become random automatically.I doubt they will make it but its good idea.
It's a good idea, I do like it, but I also have a problem with it. We all know about the referral system that was recently put in; so with that in mind, what happens if you and a friend join one of these "no team" lobbies? It's always easier to get people to play if they can be on a team with friends. Yet, if you make the game, you run into the possibility of your original scenario of being stuck with the new players.

Another possibility is this, if you have 3 guests and 2 players with accounts, those 3 guests could be players working on the 3rd or 4th prestige but just wanting to play with the basic weapons to improve their skills with them. Here's one more for you: you join a clan and they start a 3v3 lobby. The first 3 people in all team up because they're your clan mates and that's the way they train as a group, but then a 4th person (you or someone else in your clan) comes in after opening the lobby up to the public. Now, you could create a 2v2 and all 4 of you go there, but then a 5th member joins before anyone can leave. The question now becomes do you go random and risk getting the "noob" or do you let the teams stand?

All of that are things that I've seen before, and that's why I don't think this would really work out. Teams are a part of the game that, like it or not, does work against us at some times. We already have the positive rep. and invite only options, so do we need another thing added to limit what players can/can not do? Like I said, I like this idea, but I'm also looking at what could and will happen if this got implemented.
I like this idea as long as it is an option that is free for all.

Btw this was suggested in another thread created late in november last year.

This is a link
I second this notion. When I start a game I like to keep it changing so that it doesn't get stale. If a ouple of buddies want to constantly be on the same team, they can start their own room.

I honestly don't mind playing with new players that much. I enjoy being able to promote the game by helping them learn how to play.
I like it and I don't like it.

I usually go to 3v3s and 2v2s and that one of the reasons I have more deaths than kills... People use the teams by judging people by their level and I really don't think thats fair for the newbies.

But I like it because you can play a 3v3 or 2v2 with your friends and it would suck to go on the team that you weren't with your friends, and that may ruin your streak.
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