Full Version: Parkour Eggs? My Experience with the jumping feature
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I was unsure if this thread should go in the suggestions or bug tab, so I'll leave it here for now.

I have only had the chance to play between 5-7 matches in the last couple days, but in each of them I have felt that the jumping feature is a bit too OP.

[Image: 350rq7d.jpg]

In the attached screenshot you see a match I just finished, whereby the opposing team simply jumped out of their encampment on their side of the map to shoot myself and my teammate point blank, and use the tactic known as "hiding". (Nothing against these two players, by their own admission it is something that should be fixed, and I did win the match regardless Smiley_XD)

I love that the eggs have increased mobility, and I would not like to see jumping removed in its entirety, but being able to "leap tall buildings in a single bound" is something I feel we should leave to Superegg.
Well as much as I love jumping, t is a bit OP. You can get almost anywhere with it and pretty fast too. I think it's a great addition to the game though. It's something that is pretty cool and will finish games faster.

I love the addition of mobility and being able to overcome certain obstacles, but I think we are just about all in agreement that it is far too overpowered at the moment.
I was in the game venom shows above and I have already mentioned this elsewhere but I agree that jumping is very over powered. You can see from the screen shot how steep the left hand side of the map was yet the other team was able to bounce out of it without problem. I loved how tactical the old game could be with no walls and i think the new game could be even better but at the very least an option to either turn off jumping or reduce it alot needs to be added. For me this is a gamebreaker.

By the way Venom, you say "I did win the match regardless". Don't you mean WE won the match? There is no me in team Smiley_Smile
Its actually funny.
Agree. a bit OP.
Im agree. I was one of the suggestors of jumping, but not in this ammount. Perhaps it could be limited with the angle of the floor, for example: you can jump meanwhile the floor is not over 45ยบ. Otherwise, it results in people moving from wherever to 2 inches aways from opponents and then shooting.
And no, nobody wants to aim anymore, aparently. Everobody just walk next to opponent and then shoot.
I like it just the way it is.
@rata & v3nom

i know jumping makes a few go crazy, yes makes game easier for beginners, but u still can trap, now instead of revoking or giving limits to jump, we can use another alternative, bringing to live an idea i posted on BEO1, and was taken just in a partial way here, and im talking about gravity, i think that the prefect solution to this like/dislike problem could be:

low gravity(we have this already): if egg jump once nothing happend, if jumps more than 1 consecutives times, the egg will float till the time ends, so now the "jumper" should try shot while hes moving in the air/or just losing the privileges of shoting while he floats., affects weapons as the mode already do.

High gravity:this could be another mode where jumping turns like beo1, or even harder.also will affect weapons.

random gravity: low or high G each turn where u run the risk of float or be traped in a hole. ( i love this)

hope both of u like this adapted fix to the game.
It also could be an option. And if it's not, still will be a good update to the game. But note that even the driller is useless now, I saw it with my own eyes, and I'm not a lier.
Solid ideas, @Troll.

My concern is that those who like to jump around the map and shoot others at close range outnumber those who would rather play by skill 10/1. If jumping remains in its current form, my fear is that nearly all of the matches in the lobby will feature the "super jump"...leaving those who prefer to play by aiming up a river without a paddle.

So far, I have only played in a single match that did not have at least 2 players cross the map and ruin what could have been a great game. (That one game happened to involve Bob Dole and Albertpujols, credit where it's due!)

I know the Donkins have been flooded with suggestions on this topic, and I have faith that they will implement the best of them...I just hope my fears over jumping aren't realized in live lol.
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