Full Version: Prestige [I have a question]
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As you can see from the picture I have highlighted some things.
1 - Lower level, more xp (TrafalgarLaw1996, Stan Truebecker, Goodkid, XRenegadeX, etc)
2 - Level 99, no prestige (SenSei101)

[Image: za4w.png]
Why is this happening? I hope to understand, i not speak English.Smiley_XD
SenSei has not prestiged so he keeps gaining xp but stays at level 99, since that is the max level. Prestiging is optional, you don't have to do it. The people with higher levels have prestiged 4-5 times. Sorry if that doesn't make sense!
yeah someone didn't prestige so we are not all at prestige 5,some prestige 4-3-2-1. Smiley_BigGrin
Thank you very much to those who answered me, help me a lot. regards
Are u italian? Lol( your name)
I am from Uruguay!!! haha.. (:
What does Prestige really do??? i have heard something about losing everything but can anyone really explain it to me???
Bro, you just gravedug from a long time ago, (2lazy4math). Please pm someone or search before doing so.

Prestige resets all unlockable shells and weapons, badges, backgrounds, and trials and levels so you can have fun doing it all over again.
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